Prominent Updates on the 146th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured

 Tragedies are revealed

In the 146th Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, a deadly massacre killed more than 112 people and injured more than 250 who were waiting for help in the northern part of the besieged Strip

Despite Israel’s announcement that it is withdrawing the paratrooper unit from the fighting in Gaza, the military has acknowledged that identifying and destroying Hamas’ tactics is proving challenging

U.S. president Joe Biden has said that a ceasefire in Gaza may not happen as quickly as previously expected.

"The dough that killed them."

In the northern Gaza Strip, more than 112 Palestinians lost their lives and another 800 were injured in what is now known as the "Pishta Massacre" when occupying forces targeted them as they congregated for help on the Nabulsi road towards the distance. U.S. the president expressed concern that the incident could complicate hostage negotiations.

Al Jazeera reported that the death toll had risen to 112 due to difficult counts due to heavy Israeli shelling in the area

Distribution of animals

The Jordanian Armed Forces joined forces with Oman and Bahrain to deliver aid and food aid to Gaza twice. In addition, Egyptian and Emirati aircraft dropped aid on the Gaza Strip.

There are uncertainties

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade signaled the fate of Israeli prisoners, indicating that Israeli families imprisoned in Gaza are now heading towards Jerusalem, some of whom may have died as a result of ongoing attacks in Gaza so.

 Violence is widespread

Two settlers were killed in a shootout near Eli's settlement in the West Bank, while Israeli forces reported killing a Palestinian near a gas station

A young man was buried after being killed by Israeli soldiers in Nablus. The number of detainees in the West Bank rose to 7,325, with 20 Palestinians now under arrest.

The actions of Hezbollah

Hezbollah attacked Israeli positions in Lebanon, causing casualties on both sides. There is speculation that Israel may conduct ground operations in southern Lebanon in the near future.

International participation

The United States and Britain launched an offensive in Yemen targeting the coastal province of Hodeida. The Houthis vowed to continue their operations in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

These new developments highlight the ongoing conflict and tragedy in the region.