Flour massacre: Over 100 Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid Killed by Israel Occupation Featured


 Deadly Incident

Over 100 Palestinians were killed and hundreds more were injured when Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd waiting for food aid in Gaza City. The incident took place on Harun al-Rashid Street, where aid trucks carrying flour were expected to arrive. Israeli soldiers claimed they thought the Palestinians posed a threat, leading to the tragic event. Many people were also run over by the aid trucks during the chaos.

International Response

Outrage and Condemnation

The Palestinian authorities and witnesses described the incident as a massacre, as people were desperately waiting for food aid. The United Nations and various countries, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and France, condemned the attack and called for Israel to respect international humanitarian laws.

Denial and Defense

The Israeli military denied the allegations of intentionally causing harm and claimed that the situation escalated due to a stampede when the aid trucks arrived. They also stated that the risk of famine in Gaza is due to the lack of sufficient food supplies entering the region.

Political Fallout

The incident occurred during negotiations between Israel and Hamas to cease Israeli aggression and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Despite efforts from various countries, including the US, to seek answers and condemn the killings, the situation remains tragic with no immediate breakthrough expected.