Prominent Updates on the 77th Day of the Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 23, 2023 4566


Battles in Gaza City

On the 77th day of the war on Gaza, there were intense battles between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation army in Gaza City and surrounding areas. The Israeli army also increased its raids and artillery shelling in different parts of the Gaza Strip, resulting in many casualties.

Security Council Resolution

After several delays, the Security Council finally adopted a draft resolution to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza. However, the resolution did not include a call for a ceasefire, as the United States used its veto power to prevent it.

Rising Death Toll

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that the number of casualties from the Israeli aggression has reached 20,570 martyrs and 53,320 injuries since October 7th. The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Munir Al-Bursh, was also injured along with his family members, and his daughter was killed in an Israeli bombing.

Israeli Losses

The Israeli army suffered losses as well, with an officer and a soldier killed, and 23 soldiers wounded in the past 24 hours. Since the start of the ground incursion into Gaza on October 27th, 145 Israeli soldiers have been killed, and 179 soldiers and officers have been seriously injured.

Reinforcements in Khan Yunis

The Israeli army announced that it has sent five new brigades to Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip. This comes after the withdrawal of the 13th battalion of the Golani Brigade, which had been fighting in Gaza for 60 days and suffered heavy losses.

Preparing for a Buffer Zone

The Israeli army is planning to expand its operations to include areas in central Gaza, with the aim of creating a buffer zone near the security fence. This plan involves destroying residential buildings and public facilities to give Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip more security.

UN Resolution on Aid

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution to expand humanitarian aid to Gaza, but did not include a call for an immediate ceasefire. Thirteen member states voted in favor of the resolution, while the United States and Russia abstained from voting.

Lebanese Front

In addition to the conflict in Gaza, there have been clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Both sides have suffered casualties, with the Israeli army reporting the killing of a soldier and Hezbollah mourning the loss of two fighters

Sources: Al Jazeera, agencies