Gazans Resilience Attracts Westerners to Islam Featured

By Yousuf Ahmad November 30, 2023 3726



Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, in the United States, Americans began to ask questions about Islam and read the Quran to understand the “enemy” that attacked them, the Muslim organization “Al-Qaeda.” Surprisingly, many of them learned more about the reality of Islam and even embraced it, so instead, the attack changed the distorted beliefs of many about Islam.

Now, a similar phenomenon is occurring in Gaza from a different perspective. People are searching for the secret behind the strength of Gaza's people and their resilience despite the Zionist Nazi massacres. They turn to the Quran to understand where the people of Gaza and the resistance draw their strength amid their scorched land!

Newspapers and social media have clarified that Americans are starting to explore the secret behind Gazans’ faith by studying the Quran. They are impressed by the Palestinians resilience despite the crimes of the occupation, such as killing entire families and bombing hospitals, bakeries, homes, and schools!

Activists have written, saying, “Gaza has spread Islam to the world,” and they have shared video clips of many girls in America and Europe proudly getting to know Islam, announcing their conversion to Islam, and wearing the hijab.

The tweet on the video: Gaza has spread Islam to the world...

O Allah, grant victory to Gaza and the Mujahideen in Gaza.

Being slaughtered but still strong Believers!

Megan Rice is an African-American young woman and active “TikToker,” who used to share videos about cooking, healthy food, shopping, song critiques, and light historical topics. She currently has around 534 thousand subscribers. However, everything changed after the “Israeli” occupation forces committed consecutive massacres in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Rice posted another video in which she likened the Palestinians' story to that of the Prophet Ayyub (Job), peace be upon him. She stated that the Palestinians insist on thanking God even as they are holding their dead children in their arms and still ask Him to take care of their children there. She said that such scenes demonstrate a strong and "iron-clad" faith, unlike those who claim to be of faith but are “merely lying hypocrites.”

She noted that the strength of the Gazans' faith and their resilience in these “hellish” conditions was the beginning of her acquaintance with the Quran. She shared another clip expressing her amazement at the Palestinians' strong faith, thanking God despite losing quite literally everything. She mentioned witnessing people attributing this strength to Islam and the Quran.

Commenting on this, she said, I have the time, and I have the curiosity to research and learn. I have just started reading the Quran to know the secret of the source of strength for the people of Gaza.

Megan Rice shares that she was quickly intrigued by some very exciting aspects as she continued reading the chapters of the Quran. Among them was the Quran's direct style with no introductions. She was also surprised that divorce is allowed in the Quran, and women have the right to divorce and remarry without obstacles.

She adds that what surprised her, coming from a Christian background, is the right of an individual to respond to injustice and aggression with a similar response to what was done to them. She described this as a wonderful thing and clarified that she has always been bothered by "if someone slaps you, got to offer them your other cheek,” as in Christian religion.

One of the things that both surprised and impressed her was that many Muslims memorize the Quran by heart!


Not only that, but she announced her conversion to Islam, started wearing the hijab, and pronounced the Shahada in a live broadcast on TikTok. Rice, who appeared wearing the hijab, stated that she feels a sense of security and peace after understanding the secret behind the resilience of the people of Gaza.

Americans and Europeans shared video clips of Palestinians amidst destruction and killings, saying, “Alhamdulillah” (All praise be to Allah). They were astonished by the magic of this phrase spoken by the people of Gaza, their strong faith, and their patience after losing their loved ones. This led them to read the Quran and embrace Islam!

The tweet on the video: The resilience of the people of #Gaza and the strength of their faith and patience mesmerize Western society, prompting many of them to read the Quran and learn about Islam, ultimately embracing it.

Amazed by the Quran!

Additionally, an American Jew TikToker named “Jack Jack Wilds” announced buying a copy of the Noble Book (the Quran). In a video, Wilds gradually realized, through continued reading of the Quran, that it is not against women's rights.

In another video, she was very surprised that the names of the prophets she had been reading about are mentioned in the Quran, including Jesus (peace be upon him).

Among the notable points Wilds discussed is that she is reprogramming her thoughts as she progresses in learning, researching, asking questions, and discovering important things she didn't know before. One of these is the Quran's rejection of usury and its encouragement of trade away from usury, which is considered one of the foundations of capitalism. She also mentioned that the Quran includes scientific facts recently proven by scientists.

Wilds shared a video encouraging people to join a protest in Chicago against the continued “Israeli” aggression on Gaza, organized by “Jews for Peace,” in which they declare, “Not in our name.”

On November 1, 2023, Wilds surprised everyone by announcing her conversion to Islam. She recited the Shahada in English and expressed her intention to recite it in Arabic at the mosque among Muslims.

Alex, another TikToker, also started reading the Quran after the aggression on Gaza, sharing clips from it. She, who used to post regularly about food, drink, and dance, expressed her desire to understand the secret behind the strong faith of the people of Gaza, who, despite losing their children, families, and everything they own, continue to praise and thank God, asking Him to take care of their children there.

Alex admired the Quran's direct and clear approach to various topics, along with its emphasis on the right of the oppressed to defend themselves against aggression. She noted that the Palestinians facing killings do not doubt their religion or beliefs. If she were in their situation, she stated, she “would have questioned the existence of God.”

Alex was surprised and puzzled by Western campaigns against Islam, particularly as she read the Quran's emphasis on women's rights, stressing the need to uphold their demands, and asserting equality in their rights and duties with men.


Rice, Wilds, Alex, and others who have started reading the Quran faced severe criticism from Zionist and “Israeli” supporters, demanding they not share anything about Islam, claiming it is a “dangerous religion.”

However, they affirmed their commitment to continue studying the Quran, sharing it, and telling Americans about it. They also pledged to share stories of the resilience of the people of Gaza and participate in campaigns boycotting companies and restaurants supporting “Israel.”

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