How the Swedish, Leila Persson, Found her Spiritual Fulfillment in Islam Featured

Leila Persson: A Journey to Islam

 Leila Persson, a woman from Sweden, discovered her path in Islam after questioning her beliefs. She used to say that heaven was her church, refusing to believe that Christ is the Son of God. However, after an honest search for truth, she found comfort, tranquility, happiness, and safety in Islam.

 Discovering the Quran

 Leila didn't understand the words of the Holy Quran when she first listened to it. But surprisingly, she felt like she understood everything it conveyed. This made her curious to learn more about Islam.

 Questioning Her Christian Beliefs

 As a Christian, Leila never believed that Christ was the Son of God. Her doubts were confirmed when she came across verses 73 and 74 of Surat Al-Maeda in the Quran. These verses stated that those who claimed Allah is one of the Three had disbelieved. This revelation relieved her and made her realize that her doubts were valid.

 Renewal in Religious Life

 Discovering the Quran was a renewal for Leila in her previous religious life. She was overjoyed to find the last book of the last prophet, which strengthened her faith in Islam.

 An Eye-Opening Conversation

 A 16-year-old girl from Eritrea shared some dates with Leila and talked about the thin skin between the kernel and the fruit. This reminded her of a verse from the Quran that states how Allah causes the night to enter the day and vice versa. It made her realize the power and sovereignty of Allah, leading her to make the decision to become a Muslim

 A Life-Changing Verse

 One verse from the Quran had a profound impact on Leila. It changed her whole life and she will never forget it. Whenever she thinks about or reads it, she feels overwhelmed with emotions and praises Allah.