Realizing it's the only true religion, Joseph Stevens, a Dutch journalist embraces Islam Featured

By Gamal Khattab July 30, 2023 10957

The Deutsche journalist Youssef Stevens who used to hate Islam has discovered the reality of Islam as the only real religion on earth. Thus, he had a change of heart and converted to Islam. Not only that, but he also convinced his mother to embrace Islam too. Let's dive into his story and find out what made him change his mind.

The Initial Hatred

Youssef Stevens admitted that he used to despise Islam because he believed it restricted people's freedoms. He had heard many scary things about Islam that made him fearful. But everything changed when he decided to read a book about the Prophet's biography.

Discovering the Prophet's Morals

As Youssef Stevens delved into the book, he was amazed by the Prophet's incredible morals. He realized that Islam was the only religion that fought against discrimination and racism. This realization started to shift his perspective.

The Qur'an's Impact

Curiosity led Youssef Stevens to read the translated version of the Qur'an. As he pondered its meanings, he felt something extraordinary. He believed that the Qur'an was the truth from God and that it held divine wisdom. This realization made him surrender to Islam.

A Life Transformed

In a video interview for the program "I'm Guided by the Qur'an," Youssef Stevens shared his thoughts. He said, "These are the words of the Creator, not the actions of a human being. I have experienced many things in my life, but nothing compares to the happiness I found in Islam and the Qur'an. Islam has guided my heart and brought purity into my life. I wish this purity for everyone."

Spreading the Message

After embracing Islam, Youssef Stevens felt a strong desire to share his newfound faith with others. He started by calling people to Islam in the mosque, school, and workplace. But he didn't stop there. He established a media outlet to reach even more people and spread the message of Islam on an organized and larger scale.

Impact and Contributions

Thanks to Youssef Stevens' efforts, a significant number of people, including his mother, converted to Islam. His mother embraced Islam and lived as a Muslim until her passing. Additionally, Youssef made valuable contributions to the Dutch media, supporting and promoting Islam.

Today, Youssef Stevens, a 50-year-old journalist living in Almere, the Netherlands, continues to follow the path of Islam. We pray that Allah protects him, blesses him, and allows him to benefit others through his journey.