President of the EC: Gaza Faces Famine and That is Unacceptable

By Gamal Khattab March 18, 2024 125

Hey, have you heard about the news from Gaza? President of the European Commission said that Gaza “faces famine” and that is really bad. She said it is unacceptable and it is urgent for the ceasefire to be achieved as soon as possible. EC’s concern

Ursula von der Leyen declared on twitter that she was worried for Israel’s military operations at Rafah. CE president believes that the conflict must be stopped as soon as possible, and the humanitarian aid must be allowed to be provided to the people of Gaza. She expressed her intention to work with Egypt and other commission’s partners and ensure humanitarian aid reaches Gaza in any way possible.

 Protect the Civilians

She claims it is necessary to provide protection for the people in Gaza and not make them abandon their houses. She wants the ceasefire so the prisoners will be released, and aid will be shipped to Gaza.

 Work for Peace

Von wants to try her best to ensure long-term peace in the region. Her viewpoint is based on the thoughts of a two-states scenario. She claims it is the best way to bring peace to Gaza and Israel.

Since the seventh of October, many conflicts have totally started. A lot of civilians have been injured. The area is too destructive. Many buildings and basic infrastructure need to be checked.

As a result of the events happening in Gaza, Israel is accused of genocide. Next stop is the International Court of Justice.