Egyptian Actor Launches Initiative to Provide Jobs for Palestinians in Egypt

By Gamal Khattab March 18, 2024 152

Egyptian actor Fathi Abdelwahab called for assistance and job openings for Palestinians who are currently in Egypt on his official Facebook page.

Abdul Wahab mentioned how he gets letters from Palestinians stating their stories and specializations which will be publicized later and prospective employers could call them.

Supporting the cause

This was not the first initiative for the Egyptian actor, who had been keen to provide help since the beginning of October 7, 2023 ‘Al-Aqsa flood’ during Israeli war on Gaza, showing his solidarity with the Palestinian people against the long Israeli army massacres that lasted over five months.

In conclusion of 2023, Abdel Wahhab wrote through his account “I pray to all humanity that 2024 will be more equitable, compassionate, humane and peaceful so that we can witness with our own eyes an end to injustice towards Palestine. I want our people there to be freed from the tyranny of this cruel occupation.” He also commented on another war taking place in Sudan by writing “Gaza is yearning for peace”.

On November 17, 2023, he recited literary texts by the Palestinian poet Hind Joudeh, written after the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” and published them in a video on his Facebook account.

The Palestinian poet commented on the post and wrote, “Grateful to read my words with such closeness and belonging, and grateful for Gaza’s humanitarian voice to be heard. We hope that the war will stop and that Gaza and Palestine will live their Palestinianness without anger, injustice, intimidation, and the killing of its children and people. Long live a free, Arab Palestine.”

The Egyptian artist had previously published an audio clip of an Israeli soldier pleading with his commander, expressing his fear of the Palestinian resistance fighters by saying, “We cannot defeat them.” Fathi Abdel Wahab commented on it and wrote, “This is hilarious.”

Earlier, Abdel Wahab called for a boycott of the products of companies that support Israel and support for Egyptian products, and he published more than one post on his Facebook page to confirm that call.

He also asked his audience at the beginning of November to provide job opportunities for two Palestinian students at universities in Egypt after they lost contact with their families in Gaza.

Because of his posts in support of Palestine, Abdel Wahab’s Facebook page was banned, and he asked his fans to interact with him.

It is noteworthy that Abdel Wahab is participating in the Ramadan 2024 drama season in more than one work, as he presents the character of Nizam al-Mulk in the controversial series “The Assassins,” and the artist Hamada Hilal is also participating in the starring role of the fourth part of the series “Al-Maddah - The Legend of Return.”