Google Fires Employee for Opposing Company's Support to Israel

 Employee Protest

Recently, Google made headlines when they fired an employee who spoke out against the company's work for the Israeli aggression. During a presentation at an Israeli technology conference, the former Google engineer stood up and shouted, “I refuse to build technology that supports genocide or surveillance.”

Google's Response

Google confirmed the expulsion in an email to The Verge, stating that the employee disrupted an official company-sponsored event and violated company policies. The incident occurred during a presentation by Barak Regev, Google's managing director in Israel.

Project Nimbus

The engineer was protesting Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion Israeli government contract for cloud services from Google and Amazon. The employee expressed concerns about the project putting members of the Palestinian community in danger.

Criticism and Protests

Google faced criticism over its involvement in Project Nimbus, with hundreds of employees speaking out against the deal. No Tech For Apartheid, an anti-Nimbus organization, condemned Google for silencing workers and hiding ethical failings.

Employees have organized protests at Google's offices in objection to the cloud services contract, and many have signed letters urging Google to stop sponsoring events like the Mind the Tech conference.

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Last modified on Sunday, 10 March 2024 13:01