Berlin Film Festival Embarrassed German Politicians by Supporting Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 28, 2024 2065

Directors Support Gaza

At the Berlin Film Festival, winners defended the Palestinian people and criticized Israel, accusing it of genocide and apartheid. This caused embarrassment for German politicians who support Israel.

Accusations of Anti-Semitism

German politicians labeled the festival as "anti-Semitic" and directed their anger at Culture Minister Claudia Roth. The German government also criticized the "untrue statements" made at the festival.

Israeli Ambassador's Response

The Israeli ambassador condemned the festival for promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. He criticized the German cultural scene for supporting those who delegitimize Israel.

Strong Statements

One of the most talked-about moments was when Palestinian journalists Basil Adra and Israeli Yuval Abraham won the award for best documentary film. They called for a ceasefire and criticized the treatment of Palestinians by Israeli settlers.

Call for Ceasefire

Adra expressed difficulty in celebrating while his people were suffering in Gaza. He urged Germany to support a ceasefire and stop exporting weapons to Israel.

References to Apartheid

Abraham highlighted the unequal treatment of Palestinians under what he described as an "apartheid" system. He emphasized the need for equal rights and freedom for all.

Controversy and Criticism

German media and politicians criticized the festival and its winners. Some accused the directors of being pro-Palestinian activists rather than focusing on art.

Defending the Directors

Some journalists and critics defended the directors, arguing that their work challenges Germany's bias towards Israel and delves into the country's identity post-World War II.

Pushback Against Bias

Germany has faced cancellations and suspensions of cultural events due to participants' views on the Gaza conflict. Some German states are even pushing for commitments to not support anti-Israel movements.

Source: Agencies