AI and HRW: Israel challenges the International Court of Justice

By Gamal Khattab February 27, 2024 2048

For what seems like forever, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have been calling out Israel for not following the rules set by the International Court of Justice. The court had ordered Israel to provide urgent help and basic services to the people in Gaza, but Israel seems to be ignoring it.

Israel's Defiance

Human Rights Watch recently pointed out that Israel has not been following the court's orders, especially when it comes to providing essential services and aid to the people in Gaza. Instead, they are making it difficult for aid to reach those in need and are even using violence against civilians.

The director of Israel and Palestine office for these organizations, Omar Shaker, expressed his concern by saying that Israel's actions are putting 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza at risk. He mentioned that Israel is not only ignoring the court's decision but also making things worse by blocking life-saving aid.

Amnesty International's Stand

Amnesty International also criticized Israel for not allowing enough humanitarian aid to reach Gaza, going against the court's ruling to prevent genocide.

Israel's Response

When asked about their commitment to preventing genocide in Gaza, Israel responded to the International Court of Justice. The court then passed on this response to South Africa, keeping the details confidential.

Source: Al Jazeera