UN Warns: More Than 500,000 Gaza Residents Face Starvation

By Gamal Khattab February 22, 2024 121

Griffiths' Concern

Although magnificent in scientific or technical fields, AI is pregnant with peril when it comes to the ethical or value-related aspects involved in human life. He declared that half a million Gaza dust bowls are in danger of famine and lack fundamental needs like food, water, and health.

Appeal for Aid

The main points that are highlighted by Griffiths is that although there is provisions to give aid, the people in Gaza are still suffering. He held Israel, as an occupying power in Gaza, responsible for letting relief aid get through to those in need.

Appeal to the G20

Griffiths also urged the group of the "Group of 20" to influence the conflict in Gaza and not to allow for losing people. It was the action to be taken to save humanity.

Tragic Situation

According to Griffiths, the outcome in Gaza was very sad: thousands of people either killed or injured. He pointed out that prompt aid was required, most pertinent in the approaching winter and decreasing conditions.

Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian organisations have to face various challenges and risks, but they are still acting to help those who need help. Griffiths was very pleased with their determination, and she asked the audience to make sure that they would receive the necessary assistance.

Call for Action

Griffiths asked the authorities to make sure that the relevant humanitarian assistance was available and that they provided support for humanitarian efforts in Gaza. Protection of the innocent and voiceless was highly regarded by him by upholding international humanitarian and human rights laws.

Final Plea

Griffiths concluded with an appeal to all the parties involved that they should look to the welfare of the people in Gaza and work to end the hostilities. Suffering was emphasised that war was already happening and the need for immediate action to prevent these crises from happening.

Source: Al Jazeera