Is Biden's Support for Israel Hurting His Political Future?

By Gamal Khattab January 22, 2024 2705


The Consequences of Biden's Support

A recent report from the French newspaper "Le Figaro" suggests that US President Joe Biden's unwavering support for Israel is putting him in a difficult position both locally and internationally. This support, which includes military and diplomatic aid, may have consequences for Biden's political future.

The Diplomatic Isolation

According to the report, the United States is becoming increasingly isolated on the diplomatic front as the conflict between Israel and Gaza continues. There are concerns that the conflict could escalate and involve other countries in the region. This isolation is not only affecting Biden's international standing but also leading to criticism within his own party as he prepares for a challenging re-election campaign.

Frustration with Netanyahu

The report highlights the growing frustration of Biden and his administration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The United States is closely tied to the consequences of the war but has limited influence over its course or resolution. Despite repeated calls for Israel to consider American concerns, these requests have had little effect.

Netanyahu's Opposition

Netanyahu has made it clear that he opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state in any post-war scenario. This has further strained his relationship with Biden and his administration. The Israeli government has a history of resisting American directives, and this time is no different.

Popular Opposition

What is new, however, is the strong opposition to Israeli policy within the United States. This opposition is not limited to pro-Palestinian activists but has gained momentum among young people and even within American Jewish circles. Some senators have even proposed conditioning American aid to Israel.

The Impact on Biden's Re-election

The criticism Biden has faced for his support of the Israeli war in Gaza poses a significant obstacle to his re-election. Analysts believe that he may lose the state of Michigan in the upcoming election due to the conflict. Additionally, doubts have been raised about Netanyahu's willingness to consider Biden's delicate situation, with some suggesting that Netanyahu is waiting for Trump to be re-elected.

Source: Le Figaro