Three American Soldiers Killed in Attack on a USA Base, Biden Vows to Respond Featured

Eye on the West

Attack on the Base

News to report: three American soldiers were killed and many others were injured in a drone attack on a base in Jordan. The attack happened at Tower 22 of the defense network, which is near the border with Syria.

Who is Behind the Attack?

The United States believes that Iranian-backed armed groups were responsible for the attack. They have vowed to respond to this terrible act of violence.

Details of the Attack

The attack targeted a logistical support base and resulted in the deaths of three soldiers. Thirty-four others were injured, and eight of them had to be taken to receive advanced medical care.

What People are Saying?

There are different reports about who carried out the attack. Some sources say it was a drone attack from Syria, while others claim responsibility for the attack. It's a very tense situation.

Biden's Response

President Joe Biden has spoken out about the attack. He believes that Iranian-backed extremist groups operating in Syria and Iraq were behind it. He promises to hold those responsible accountable.

Other Reactions

Lawmakers in Congress are calling for action against these attacks on American forces. Some even want to strike targets inside Iran. It's a serious situation that needs to be addressed.

Jordan's Response

Jordan has described the attack as a terrorist attack. They say it targeted an advanced location on the border with Syria. The Jordanian government is determined to confront terrorism and protect their country's security.

Escalation of Attacks

Unfortunately, attacks on American forces in the region have been increasing. The US Department of Defense has reported 151 attacks in Iraq and Syria since last October. It's a concerning trend.

Source: Agencies