South Africa Challenges the West's Moral Superiority Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 17, 2024 2086


Testing the West's Claim

Ann article in The Guardian discusses how South Africa is testing the West's claim to moral superiority.

The writer of the article, Nisreen Malik, talks about the  genocide case that South Africa brought to the International Court of Justice against Israel. But it's not just about accusing Israel. This case also tests the West's claim of moral superiority and non-compliance. That's a big deal!

Support for Palestine

Nisreen says that this case gives legitimacy to supporters of Palestine, whose position was described as marginal. It also tests the limits of human rights. So, it's not just about one country, it's about something much bigger.

The Palestinian Reality

The case focuses on the Israeli attack on Gaza, but it's about more than that. It's about bridging the gap between the Palestinian reality and how the dominant political forces describe it. The writer points out that political leaders in the West ignored the anger in Europe and the world and rejected a ceasefire. That's not good!

The International Court of Justice

Nisreen Malik says that the letter submitted to the International Court of Justice challenges the West's support for the Palestinian cause. The final ruling is not as important as recognizing the seriousness of the events that may amount to "genocide." The international response has been shockingly weak.

Challenges for the International System

One of the challenges is the difficulty in verifying the validity of Palestinian claims. This case shows how Western logic is running out and its persuasive power is diminishing in a multipolar world. It's a big blow to the Western countries.

The Symbolism of South Africa

South Africa filing the case is very important because it symbolizes the scourges of colonialism, settlement, and apartheid. The support for South Africa comes from the countries of the Global South. It's not surprising that Namibia refused to support Germany for Israel because Germany committed genocide in Namibia.

Rejection of Western Norms

Many African countries did not condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and there was anti-European rhetoric following the coups in former French colonies on the continent. This shows a widespread rejection of Western norms.

Questioning Human Rights Institutions

The writer believes that what's happening in the countries of the South questions whether human rights institutions are real or just a theater that serves an international class system. This will be strongly rejected by some Western countries, but it may undermine their credibility.

Geopolitical Winds

By rejecting what South Africa is demanding, Western countries are making it harder to agree to their political agendas. The South African case shows that those who obstruct attempts to end the severe ordeal in Gaza will occupy the marginal position.

Thus, South Africa is challenging the West's claim to moral superiority. This case is about more than just accusing Israel. It's about testing human rights, bridging gaps, and questioning Western norms. It's a big deal in the international community. 

Source: The Guardian