The Amazon Rainforest Faces a Serious Drought

By Gamal Khattab September 28, 2023 5135

Authorities Issue Warning

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is going through a really tough time right now. The authorities are worried that almost 500,000 people could be affected by the end of the year.

Emergency Declared

The state of Amazonas in northwestern Brazil has declared an emergency in 13 cities because of an extreme drought. Another 16 cities are on high alert.

Record Low Water Levels

On September 21st, the Solimoes River, which flows from the Brazilian-Peruvian border to the Amazonian municipality of Benjamin Constant, had a critically low water level. It was marked at -43 cm, which is really bad.

Struggling for Supplies

Because of the drought, people living in this area are having a hard time getting the things they need, like food and water. Normally, they use the rivers to transport goods, but now the water levels are so low that it's really difficult. The drought is also affecting fishing, which is a big part of the local economy.

Government Steps In

The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, went to the capital city, Brasilia, to talk to the president about the drought. They are working together to help the people in the affected cities. The government is sending supplies like food, water, and hygiene kits to those who need them.

El Nino Makes It Worse

The drought is expected to last even longer and be more intense because of something called the El Nino weather phenomenon. El Nino makes it harder for rain clouds to form, so there's less rain in the rainforest.