Scientists Predicted Morocco Earthquake Hours Before Disaster

By Gamal Khattab September 10, 2023 3456

Seismic Activity Expected in Western Morocco
Guess what? Scientists can actually predict earthquakes! Just like they did with the devastating earthquake in Turkey, two scientists predicted the earthquake in Morocco. How amazing?
A Dutch seismologist named Frank Hegorbets warned everyone about seismic activity in western Morocco. He even told Spain and Italy to be on extra alert on September 6th. He shared a prediction by another scientist named Richard Kurorado, who said that there would be a central peak of earthquakes starting in the southeast of the Atlantic. He also said that the earthquakes would get stronger and stronger. Hegorbets even asked for magnetic measuring devices to be turned on to monitor the earthquakes.
And guess what? Hegorbets was right! He had been studying the weather patterns for 9 days and knew that this area was at risk. He even mentioned it in his latest forecasts. He believes that planets and the atmosphere can give us clues about earthquakes. He just hopes that no one gets hurt.
Morocco Earthquake Disasters
Another scientist named Richard Coroado also predicted the earthquake. He said it would happen two hours before it actually did. He asked for magnetic measuring devices to be used to monitor the earthquakes.
So, what happened? An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale hit the city of Marrakesh in Morocco. It was 13 kilometers underground. After that, there were 8 more earthquakes. Sadly, many people lost their lives and got injured.