UNICEF: Weather Disasters Displace Millions of Children Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 06, 2023 1955

 According to UNICEF, more than 43 million children were displaced between 2016 and 2021 because of these disasters. It might get even worse in the next 30 years, with around 100 million more children at risk of being displaced. 

Why Are These Disasters Happening?

Greenhouse gases are making the Earth's atmosphere warmer, and that is causing more violent and frequent disasters. It's like the Earth is getting really angry and throwing a lot of tantrums!

UNICEF recently published a report, and they said, "This is only the beginning." They want us to know that things might get even worse if we don't take action to stop climate change. They found out that around 20,000 children are being displaced every day in 44 different countries because of floods. 

What Are the Risks for Displaced Children?

Children displacing means they have to leave their homes and go somewhere else. This can be really scary and dangerous for them. They might get separated from their families, and there are even bad people who might try to take advantage of them. It's really important to keep children safe during these tough times.

How Many Children Are Displaced?

  The number UNICEF gave us is the number of times children have been displaced, not the number of children. This means that one child can be displaced more than once. So, the actual number of displaced children might be even higher than 43 million. 

Which Disasters Affect Children the Most?

  The report says that in the next 30 years, river floods alone could cause 96 million children to be displaced. That's a huge number! Hurricanes with strong winds could also displace around 3.10 million children. 

Some countries are more affected than others are. China and the Philippines have a lot of children who face extreme weather conditions, but they have been improving their early warning systems and evacuation plans. On the other hand, small island states like Dominica and Vanuatu are hit hard by storms. In Somalia and South Sudan, floods are a big problem for children. 

Canada, Israel, and the United States have seen a lot of displacements because of forest fires. And in Somalia, drought has caused the most displacements. It's really tough for these children.  

Therefore, weather disasters are causing millions of children to lose their homes and face many risks. It's important for us to understand what's happening and take action to protect our planet. We need to find ways to stop climate change and make sure all children are safe.