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Kuwaiti Academics:  Kuwait Education Reform Faces Challenges  

National Assembly's Education Committee

In Kuwait, the Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee in the National Assembly is working hard to improve the quality of education. They believe that it is crucial to involve experts from official authorities and civil society in creating a plan for education development. By listening to feedback and suggestions, they hope to come up with a vision to enhance education in the country.

Conference on Education Challenges

Recently, the committee organized a conference called “Challenges of Education in Kuwait and Ways to Advance It” to discuss the issues facing education in the country. They met with representatives from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, as well as the University, to gather insights and ideas on how to improve the education system.

Committee's Vision for Education

Preparations for National Assembly Session

Representative Hamad Al-Olayan explained that the conference was part of the committee's preparations for an upcoming session in the National Assembly. They want to discuss education issues and related laws to make positive changes in the education sector.

Importance of Educational Leaders' Participation

It is crucial for educational leaders to be involved in these discussions and events. The committee values the input of government and private educational bodies in finding solutions to improve education in Kuwait.

Recording and Considering Proposals

Representative Fahd Al Masoud emphasized the importance of listening to specialists in higher education and considering their proposals to enhance the educational process. The committee is committed to recording and taking into account all suggestions put forward.

Interaction with Specialists

Member Al-Hajri highlighted the importance of interacting with specialists and receiving feedback to improve education. He believes that by learning from the experiences of other countries, Kuwait can make significant progress in education reform.

Call for Initiatives and Studies

Dr. Jassim Al-Ali from the Ministry of Higher Education encouraged individuals with initiatives, documents, and studies to submit them to the Ministry. He emphasized that everyone's ideas and initiatives are welcome, as collaboration is key to improving education in Kuwait.

The Launch of the sixth “Family and Companions Forum” Activities  

Exploring Jerusalem's significance

The sixth “Family and Friends Forum” kicked off under the theme “Jerusalem in the Lives of Family and Companions” at the Kuwaiti Writers Association. Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi, President of the Family and Companions Foundation, and Hamidi Hamoud Al-Mutairi, Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Writers Association, were present. Sheikhs and writers like Awad Al-Zayed, Talal Musaed Al-Amer, and Dr. Issa Al-Qayoumi discussed the history of Palestine and Jerusalem and its importance in Arabic poetry.

Opening speech

Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi emphasized the significance of love for family and companions, especially when combined with the mention of Jerusalem. He prayed for the liberation of Jerusalem and victory for the faithful in Palestine and other Muslim countries.

Kuwaiti Politicians: National Unity Is a Red Line

Protecting National Unity is Priority

A citizen was arrested in Kuwait for “harming national unity” and referred to the Public Prosecution. The Ministry of Interior will take legal action against anyone who threatens national unity through media or social media, in line with the National Unity Law.

Preserving stability and unity

Prominent figures praised the enforcement of the National Unity Law, emphasizing the importance of maintaining stability and unity in Kuwaiti society. The authorities are firm in dealing with any attempts to disrupt national stability or incite hatred or discrimination.

“Balad Al-Khair” Brings Joy to Orphaned Children

The “Balad Al-Khair” Association has organized a special event to bring happiness to orphaned children at Dar Al-Khalidiya in Kuwait. This event is part of their efforts to support vulnerable groups both in Kuwait and beyond.

Director's Message

Othman Al-Thuwaini, Director of the Bilad Al-Khair Association, shared that they are dedicated to caring for orphaned children to make them happy and bring smiles to their faces. During Ramadan, they launched a charitable event to support orphans in and outside Kuwait.

Supporting Orphans

Al-Thuwaini emphasized the importance of caring for orphans, as it is a form of goodness encouraged by Prophet Muhammad. The Orphan Support Fund has been established to aid orphaned children who have lost their primary source of support.