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Thursday,21th March, 2024

Kuwait Ranks Among the Happiest Countries

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” Launches Ramadan Activities

Education Reform and Financial Sustainability Projects

“Humanitarian Photography Grant” Initiative Documenting Humanitarian Situations

“Hofath” Continues Humanitarian Efforts

"Balad Al Khair" famous its achievements within the State of Kuwait during the year 2023

IICO Serves 18 Centers for Quranic Studies with 11,168 Students.

Namaa Charity Partners with Awqaf for "Iftar" project

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” Launches Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Lectures and Activities

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” has kicked off a series of Ramadan sports in Kuwait. Dr. Hamad Yousef Al-Mazrouei, Head of the Da’wah and Sharia Education Sector at the Social Reform Society, introduced the launch of Ramadan lessons in 10 mosques across Kuwait. This 12 months, the sector is web hosting over a hundred lectures by Kuwaiti imams and preachers after the afternoon prayer. The purpose is to encourage worshipers to make the most of the holy month of Ramadan and create a non secular environment.

Qur’anic Ijaza Project and Other Events

In addition to the lectures, there are various sports and occasions accompanying the Ramadan application. The Qur’anic Ijaza Project, now in its third year, targets to graduate memorizers who've received the Qur’anic Ijaza with a series of transmission linked to the Prophet Muhammad. There also are listening to periods and other activities to have interaction the network.

Kuwait Ranks Among the Happiest Countries

Global Happiness Ranking

Kuwait has been ranked as the happiest u . S . Within the Arab global and 13th globally in the World Happiness Report. The report, which blanketed 143 international locations, assessed citizens’ lives, social support, profits, freedom, and shortage of corruption. The UAE and Saudi Arabia also ranked high inside the Arab global.

International Day of Happiness

The file, released at the International Day of Happiness, highlighted Finland because the happiest united states of america for the 7th consecutive yr. The United States and the UK saw a drop of their ratings. The file is considered one of the most reliable signs of happiness worldwide.

Education Reform and Financial Sustainability Projects

Government Action Program

The authorities of Kuwait has accredited 19 projects under the Government Action Program to decorate human and economic capital in the u . S .. These tasks attention on improving training best, fostering innovation, and promoting medical research.

“Humanitarian Photography Grant” Initiative Documenting Humanitarian Situations

An organization of Kuwaiti photographers launched the “Humanitarian Photography Grant” initiative to report the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The initiative ambitions to showcase cohesion and cooperation in times of need through photography.

“Hofath” Continues Humanitarian Efforts

Iftar Projects Inside and Outside Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Charitable Society (Hofath) is continuing its “Iftar the Fasting Person” undertaking outside and inside Kuwait. The challenge affords food to those in need in the course of the holy month of Ramadan, which includes Syrian refugees in 12 international locations. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, M. Ahmed Al-Murshed, emphasized the importance of supporting the ones in need all through Ramadan.

"Balad Al Khair" famous its achievements within the State of Kuwait during the year 2023

Last yr, the Bilad Al-Khair Association helped nearly 1/2 one million people in Kuwait via various charitable projects. They assisted thousands of women and workers in need. The director, Othman Al-Thuwaini, shared that they completed around 50 projects to guide households, people, and people in Kuwait.

Providing Aid

The association's projects included sponsoring orphans, treating the ill, imparting meals, apparel, and housing. They also focused on supporting orphan ladies get married and enhancing their living conditions. Additionally, they labored on water deliver initiatives and network improvement projects.

Seasonal Projects

Throughout the yr, they launched tasks like offering school baggage, warm iciness and cool summer tasks, Ramadan and Eid projects, and initiatives for breaking the fast and sacrificial services.

Thanking Donors

Al-Thuwaini thanked the generous donors and organizations that supported their efforts to enhance the lives of those in want in Kuwait.

IICO Serves 18 Centers for Quranic Studies with 11,168 Students.

The charitable organisation’s efforts in serving the Holy Qur’an... 18 facilities with a capacity of eleven,168 college students and memorizers.

The International Islamic Charitable Organization has been lively in supporting the Holy Qur’an for over 4 decades. They backed memorizers and teachers in 19 nations, allotted copies of the Qur’an, and released diverse Qur’anic tasks.

Qur’an Centers

They established 18 Qur’an centers in seven countries, imparting training and assist for memorizers and college students. They also subsidized Qur’an teachers in 19 countries.

Qur’anic Projects

In addition to the centers, they allotted copies of the Qur’an, sponsored competitions, libraries, translations, or even created an electronic Qur’an in Braille for the blind.

  Namaa Charity Partners with Awqaf for "Iftar" project

Namaa Charity launches the “Iftar for the Fasting Person” venture in partnership with the Awqaf Secretariat

Namaa Charity, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Endowments, launched the Iftar Bank to provide meals for fasting individuals in want. This initiative goals to help households and people in Kuwait Strategic Partnerships

Walid Al-Bassam, from Namaa Charity, highlighted the significance of partnerships in implementing charitable tasks. They work with diverse institutions to offer aid and aid to the ones in want in Kuwait.

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