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By Mahmoud Mohammed Shaker April 01, 2024 1853

"Yet thus, Sa'd, camels don't sustain!"1

Verily, I have borne the trust of this pen, to boldly proclaim truth unabashedly, without fear or favor. Had I known myself incapable of carrying this trust justly, I would have cast it where the mighty are humbled and the noble are debased. Until this day, I have dedicated myself to the pages of "Al-Risala", for it is the sanctuary of free pens unswayed by fear, and undeterred by the veils of silence. Today marks an era where no free soul may withhold from their people the guiding light they possess. For one who conceals it within, wraps themselves in the flames of hell, tormented in this life and cast into deeper agony in the afterlife. I am but a soldier among the ranks of this nation, had I known I would wield a sword or a weapon more potent than this pen, my place would be on the battlefields of Palestine today. Yet, I have vowed upon this pen to never cease the fight for the Arabs, to carry it between my very fingers, wherever I may find a place to speak truth and call unto it. Let no inhibition hinder me from uttering what ends the deception, deceives not, deludes not, nor lures with falsehood amidst this fleeting life.

The matter between us and the Jews is clear as the dawn, unobscured and unblinded by any cover. It is the fierce war that shows no mercy. Whoever doubts this, doubts out of ignorance and corruption, not out of a justified uncertainty seeking excuse. War is a concept known to humanity since they walked upon this earth, with strategies understood by both experts and laypeople alike. Whoever remains ignorant of these strategies, disregards them, or calls upon their people to discard them and turn a blind eye to them, leads them only to destruction, annihilation, shame, and the humiliation of ages and generations. Every word uttered from this day forth regarding the matter of this war is either incitement to fight or discouragement from it. Each of us will be held accountable for what they say, whether it elevates or degrades them. In war, nobility is not judged by the refinement of one's speech, nor does it disregard the unknown whose actions or words reveal their worth.

In these recent days, I have read and heard words that do not gain credibility solely based on the identity of their speakers. Leadership in this war will not be bestowed upon those who compromise on glaring truths2 or indulge in perilous flattery. Hence, I have heard the Muslim leaders admonishing people from their pulpits regarding the matter of Palestine, its plight, and its intentions. They follow this with reminders about the presence of Jewish citizens in their countries—whom they claim are protected residents—and that they are entitled to the same rights and obligations as those granted to protected residents and treaty allies in our religion and the religion of our Prophet. Additionally, I have read a statement from the 'Wadi al-Nile Organization', as conveyed by its chairman, His Excellency Muhammad Ali Alouba Pasha, stating: 'You have Jewish citizens in Egypt, who possess what you possess and are subject to the same obligations as you. Rumors of their malevolence have spread, alleging that they fund Zionism and hoard their wealth, refusing to contribute to your defense against the aggressors. Yet, we are confident that our Jewish brothers in Egypt—many of whom are wealthy—will contribute to the Arab cause in its time of need, just as you do. They will hasten to refute these rumors through their generosity and contributions, not merely through words and declarations.

And I do not know what drives these people to ride this ship, covering people's eyes about the deeds of the Jews since they had a place to roam freely on this earth. If they wish to avoid strife between the Jews of Egypt and us, it suffices for them to remember that Arabs and Muslims have only persecuted this people as a punishment for their own misdeeds. Then they should leave them be and claim that no harm will befall them under the protection of these Arab and Islamic nations. And if they intend to issue a fatwa that the Jews are protected people entitled to the rights and obligations as prescribed by Islam, then they have erred. No interpreter can interpret on behalf of Allah that these Jews are protected people or covenanters as Islam dictates for those described with these attributes. But instead, they should urge people to volunteer for combat and donate money, and they should describe to them this cursed war waged against us by the Crusader fanaticism from Europe and America. They should appeal to people's hearts until they discern their positions among the ranks of fighters. For as they say, war is serious business, and if this folly was acceptable at one point, today it threatens the flank of the poor nation surrounded by nations ready to devour it, as the predators surround their prey. So let these preachers desist from preaching doom to their people, humiliation to their sons, and bondage to their lands.

As for the appeal made by Alouba Pasha, it alarmed all those concerned about the welfare of their nation and country. How could anyone not be alarmed when reading an appeal directed to the Arab people in general and the Egyptian people in particular, with such absolute confidence that the Jews are innocent of any accusation questioning their loyalty to the Arab cause! In this statement, there is a firm belief that they will generously contribute their money and themselves for the sake of Arab Palestine! This statement comes from a well-known figure, engaged in political, national, and Arab issues, and is looked upon by the youth with respect and admiration for what he says.

However, we do not know if he stood on something that was absent from everyone else and knew it, so he was convinced that the outward appearance of the matter of the Jews of Egypt is not their reality. They are merely sending money to Zionism as a distraction for the public, handling the smuggling of weapons to Zionism out of mercy for the Arabs and in defence of their cause, and gathering Jewish youth to instil in them the call to emigrate to the Promised Land, to enter Palestine and be of assistance to the Arabs against their Zionist Jewish brethren!

Enough old politicians! If you think that with such words you can soften the hearts of the Jews of Egypt so that they align with you and become helpers to their own people, then your assumption is mistaken, and you have fallen into fabricated falsehoods. There is not a single Jew on the surface of this earth who is not a zealous Zionist, hiding beneath their humility and modesty the sinister intentions of treachery and destruction. The Jews of the world are of one mind: they want to devour this entire Arab East, to become its rulers and lords, governing every inch of its land according to their whims. We do not say to you: read the books of Zionism to learn, but rather read their own book, which they are condemned by, and eavesdrop on their conversations when they whisper among themselves. Enter into their dealings, observe their faces, scrutinize their traits and behaviors. Then you will know that beneath this innocent and sparkling facade lies a bloodthirsty octopus, thirsting for your blood and craving your wealth and lands. A politician who does not know his enemy as he knows himself is not a true politician, and one who conceals this knowledge from his people in times of battle and war is not fit for leadership. Do not think that the Jews will be deceived by you about themselves until you gain something from them, knowing that it is a betrayal of their religion, beliefs, desires, and aspirations since they had the opportunity to move in this land.



1- This is an example given for someone who falls short in fulfilling their assigned task, and it is often paired with its first part “Sa'd brought them forth, with effort unrestrained,”

2- glaring truth: the crystal clear.

The Source:

 Al-Risalah Magazine, Volume 15 (Issue 756), December 1947, pp. 1423 – 1426.

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