Israeli Military Expert: Hamas Fights with a Strategic Vision


General Ziv's Insights

Retired General Yisrael Ziv, former Director of Operations at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, believes that Hamas is fighting with a strategic vision, unlike Israel, which is focused on tactical military considerations in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas' Strategy

General Ziv points out that Hamas has shifted from direct military conflict to guerrilla warfare, which poses challenges for the Israeli army. Hamas is no longer seeking victory in a direct clash but is focused on guerrilla tactics, including explosive traps, similar to Hezbollah's tactics.

Time is Ticking

General Ziv warns that Israel is losing valuable time, while Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is resisting international pressure and waiting for American patience to run out. Sinwar aims to end the war with Israel withdrawing from Gaza, portraying it as a defeat for Israel.

General Ziv's Recommendations

General Ziv suggests accepting the American proposal to replace Hamas with Fatah in Gaza, under Israeli control, with conditions including humanitarian aid and dismantling all Hamas forces. He criticizes Prime Minister Netanyahu for a tactical approach that lacks strategic gains.

Rafah and Lebanon

General Ziv advises against storming Rafah without coordination, especially during Ramadan, to avoid harming Israel's international image. In Lebanon, he recommends targeting Hezbollah and pressuring the Lebanese government to stop supporting the group.

Even though Hezbollah may be losing tactically, they are controlling the narrative and will not stop fighting until a ceasefire in Gaza is achieved.

Source: Israeli press