US Intel: Hamas to Pose Armed Resistance Against Israel for Years


US Intelligence Assessment

Challenges Faced by Key Arab Partners

According to US intelligence agencies, Israel is determined to eliminate Hamas but may face armed resistance from the group for many years. The conflict in the Gaza Strip poses a challenge for key Arab partners who are facing public backlash due to the destruction in the region.

Senate Testimony

The annual unclassified international threat assessment report was completed last month and was declassified during intelligence officials' testimony before the Senate. Officials did not address questions about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government but focused on negotiations for detainee releases.

Pressure on Israel and America

The assessment predicts that Israel will continue to face armed resistance from Hamas for years to come. The report also highlights the underground infrastructure of Hamas, which allows them to hide and surprise Israeli forces. The recent attacks in Gaza have led to increased tensions in the region, with Iranian proxies launching anti-American and anti-Israeli attacks.

International Pressure

Israel is expected to face growing international pressure due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. The lack of confidence in Prime Minister Netanyahu's leadership among Israelis may lead to large protests demanding his resignation.

About the US Intelligence Community

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Source: Agencies