American Official: Israel Defeated in the Information Battle Due to Its Arrogance Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 14, 2023 6733


Israel's Approach in the War

An American official recently spoke about Israel's actions during the war, saying that part of the problem lies in Israel's arrogance. The truth is, Israel lost the information war because it caused a lot of destruction, even if they had reasons for each attack.

According to the American magazine Newsweek, Israeli and American military sources revealed that Israel focused on targeting the military capabilities of Hamas, even if it meant hitting civilian buildings or activities nearby in the Gaza Strip.

Israel's Use of Larger Bombs

The magazine also mentioned that Israel used larger bombs during the first two weeks of the war compared to what the United States would typically use. This raised concerns within the Biden administration, which supports the goal of eliminating Hamas but is uncomfortable with Israel's methods.

Destroying Fixed Targets

Israel chose to strike fixed targets, even though it was estimated that the fighters had already evacuated them. This practice of destroying targets to make them unusable is something the United States avoids in its recent wars.

US Concerns and Skepticism

The United States not only doubts the possibility of completely eliminating Hamas but also fears the repercussions this may have on Israel. Washington is concerned about the impact on Israel as it pursues its goal of eliminating Hamas.

Civilian Casualties

According to informed sources, the US intelligence community internally agrees that the number of Palestinian deaths aligns with the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health in Gaza. A US military intelligence officer stated that Israel caused significant harm to civilians and was willing to cause even more harm to achieve its war goals.

Israel's Perspective

However, an Israeli army official questioned why the United States would sell them bombs weighing two thousand pounds if they were concerned about their use. This raises questions about the mixed messages coming from Washington.

Source: Al Jazeera + Newsweek