Who will win Senegal's Upcoming Presidential Elections? Featured


Senegal is getting ready for its twelfth presidential elections. It's a big deal because they'll be choosing their fifth president. 

The Candidates

The Constitutional Council has announced a list of 20 candidates who will be running for president. However, some familiar faces are missing.

The current president, Macky Sall, hasn't participated in any presidential elections in over sixty years. And guess what? The outgoing president has nominated his prime minister, Amadou Bah, who is currently in prison. Another opposition politician, Sonko, has been expelled due to legal issues and unrest. Even Karim Wade, the son of a former president, wasn't included because he has dual French and Senegalese nationality.

The Campaign

The electoral campaign will kick off on February 4th. Many experts believe that the results will be decided in the first half of the campaign as there are a lot of candidates running, the ruling party is not very strong, and the opposition is not united.


The Candidates in the Spotlight

Amadou Bah

Amadou Bah, a 62-year-old candidate from the Alliance for the Republic Party, is a close associate of the current president, Macky Sall. He has a lot of experience in government and the private sector. Bah also has good relationships with Sufi orders, which are important religious groups in Senegal. Many people see him as an extension of President Macky Sall.

Idrissa Seck

Idrissa Seck, a 64-year-old former prime minister and head of the Roumi party, is considered one of the older candidates. He has a lot of experience working in government and the private sector. However, after joining the ruling regime bloc, Seck lost the trust of many voters. This led them to turn to opposition leader Othman Sonko instead.

Bassero Diomai Faye

Opposition candidate Bassero Diomai Faye is a 42-year-old law graduate and financial auditor. He has become a target for the opposition bloc.

Faye has gained support from young Senegalese people who want a change from the older generation. His imprisonment in the past has gained sympathy from educated elites who support freedom of opinion and expression. The popularity of his party, Pastev, has been growing since 2019, and they achieved third place in the last presidential elections. However, Faye faces challenges like a lack of business and political experience.

It's an exciting time for the country as they choose their fifth president. Keep an eye on the candidates and the campaign to see what happens next. The results will have a big impact on Senegal's future, especially with the recent gas discoveries. Political stability is crucial for the country's progress.