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Kuwait in a Week

March 28, 2024


Kuwaiti Academics:  Kuwait Education Reform Faces Challenges  

National Assembly's Education Committee

In Kuwait, the Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee in the National Assembly is working hard to improve the quality of education. They believe that it is crucial to involve experts from official authorities and civil society in creating a plan for education development. By listening to feedback and suggestions, they hope to come up with a vision to enhance education in the country.

Conference on Education Challenges

Recently, the committee organized a conference called “Challenges of Education in Kuwait and Ways to Advance It” to discuss the issues facing education in the country. They met with representatives from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, as well as the University, to gather insights and ideas on how to improve the education system.

Committee's Vision for Education

Preparations for National Assembly Session

Representative Hamad Al-Olayan explained that the conference was part of the committee's preparations for an upcoming session in the National Assembly. They want to discuss education issues and related laws to make positive changes in the education sector.

Importance of Educational Leaders' Participation

It is crucial for educational leaders to be involved in these discussions and events. The committee values the input of government and private educational bodies in finding solutions to improve education in Kuwait.

Recording and Considering Proposals

Representative Fahd Al Masoud emphasized the importance of listening to specialists in higher education and considering their proposals to enhance the educational process. The committee is committed to recording and taking into account all suggestions put forward.

Interaction with Specialists

Member Al-Hajri highlighted the importance of interacting with specialists and receiving feedback to improve education. He believes that by learning from the experiences of other countries, Kuwait can make significant progress in education reform.

Call for Initiatives and Studies

Dr. Jassim Al-Ali from the Ministry of Higher Education encouraged individuals with initiatives, documents, and studies to submit them to the Ministry. He emphasized that everyone's ideas and initiatives are welcome, as collaboration is key to improving education in Kuwait.

The Launch of the sixth “Family and Companions Forum” Activities  

Exploring Jerusalem's significance

The sixth “Family and Friends Forum” kicked off under the theme “Jerusalem in the Lives of Family and Companions” at the Kuwaiti Writers Association. Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi, President of the Family and Companions Foundation, and Hamidi Hamoud Al-Mutairi, Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Writers Association, were present. Sheikhs and writers like Awad Al-Zayed, Talal Musaed Al-Amer, and Dr. Issa Al-Qayoumi discussed the history of Palestine and Jerusalem and its importance in Arabic poetry.

Opening speech

Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi emphasized the significance of love for family and companions, especially when combined with the mention of Jerusalem. He prayed for the liberation of Jerusalem and victory for the faithful in Palestine and other Muslim countries.

Kuwaiti Politicians: National Unity Is a Red Line

Protecting National Unity is Priority

A citizen was arrested in Kuwait for “harming national unity” and referred to the Public Prosecution. The Ministry of Interior will take legal action against anyone who threatens national unity through media or social media, in line with the National Unity Law.

Preserving stability and unity

Prominent figures praised the enforcement of the National Unity Law, emphasizing the importance of maintaining stability and unity in Kuwaiti society. The authorities are firm in dealing with any attempts to disrupt national stability or incite hatred or discrimination.

“Balad Al-Khair” Brings Joy to Orphaned Children

The “Balad Al-Khair” Association has organized a special event to bring happiness to orphaned children at Dar Al-Khalidiya in Kuwait. This event is part of their efforts to support vulnerable groups both in Kuwait and beyond.

Director's Message

Othman Al-Thuwaini, Director of the Bilad Al-Khair Association, shared that they are dedicated to caring for orphaned children to make them happy and bring smiles to their faces. During Ramadan, they launched a charitable event to support orphans in and outside Kuwait.

Supporting Orphans

Al-Thuwaini emphasized the importance of caring for orphans, as it is a form of goodness encouraged by Prophet Muhammad. The Orphan Support Fund has been established to aid orphaned children who have lost their primary source of support.


  • The UN Security Council adopted a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, despite the failure to include the phrase "permanent ceasefire."
  • The resolution was approved by 14 out of 15 Council members, with the United States abstaining from voting.
  • The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) welcomed the resolution, stressing the need for a permanent ceasefire and the return of the displaced.
  • The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the toll of Israeli aggression has risen to 32,333 martyrs and 74,694 injured since last October 7.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a visit to Washington by an Israeli delegation due to America's abstention from voting on the resolution.
  • Israeli Minister Gideon Sa'ar resigned from the emergency government, stating that slowing down the military advance in Gaza would prolong the war.
  • The Israeli occupation army committed 11 massacres in the last 24 hours, claiming 107 martyrs and 176 wounded.
  • The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, fired a batch of rockets at the city of Ashdod, north of the Gaza Strip.
  • The number of Palestinian detainees in the occupied West Bank has risen to 7,770 since October 7, after the Israeli army arrested 15 Palestinians.
  • The Israeli army carried out a raid targeting Hezbollah fighters in the Mays al-Jabal area in southern Lebanon.
  • A Hamas leader survived an Israeli drone strike on the town of Al-Suwairi in the western Bekaa in eastern Lebanon, near the border with Syria.
  • Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant warned that stopping the war in Gaza may bring a war on the northern front closer.
  • The Israeli Foreign Ministry warned that the announcement by Spain, Malta, Slovenia, and Ireland of their intention to recognize a Palestinian state is a "reward for terrorism."
  • Israel's crisis is exacerbated by the Haredi Conscription Law, which will be put to a vote on Tuesday.
  • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says UNRWA is a lifeline for millions of refugees in the region.
  • Guterres: UNRWA provides health and educational services in Al-Wahdat camp, Jordan.
  • Guterres emphasizes the agency's role in ensuring hope and dignity for refugees.

The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip continues for the 171st day, while the UN Security Council adopted a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, with the Council failing to pass an amendment that includes the phrase “permanent ceasefire.”

For its part, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the toll of the Israeli aggression had risen to 32,333 martyrs and 74,694 injured since last October 7.

 Security Council resolution to Cease Fire

For the first time, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, more than 5 months after the Israeli war, while the United States refrained from using its veto this time.

The resolution presented by non-permanent members of the Security Council calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, stressing the urgent need to increase aid and demanding the removal of all obstacles to its delivery.

The resolution was adopted with the approval of 14 of the 15 Council members, with the United States abstaining from voting.

Hamas welcomes

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) welcomed the Security Council's decision, stressing the necessity of reaching a permanent ceasefire that would lead to the withdrawal of the occupation with all its forces and the return of the displaced.

Hamas also called on the Security Council to pressure the occupation to adhere to the ceasefire and the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, expressing its readiness to engage in an immediate prisoner exchange.

Netanyahu is Angry with America

The Israeli Prime Minister's office said that Benjamin Netanyahu canceled the visit of an Israeli delegation to Washington, following America's abstention from voting on the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council.

The Bureau described what happened as "a clear retreat from the United States' consistent position in the Security Council since the start of the war."

For its part, the White House said that the Israeli government’s decision not to send a delegation to Washington to exchange views on an operation in Rafah was “disappointing,” while the Pentagon said that the meeting of the US Secretary of Defense with his Israeli counterpart in the Pentagon on Tuesday still took place, and that the visit of the Israeli Defense Minister Separate from the visit of the Israeli delegation to the White House.

Gideon Sa'ar Resigns from the Emergency Government

Israeli Minister Gideon Sa'ar announced his resignation from the emergency government, saying that he would not be able to bear responsibility as long as he had no influence, stressing that he did not come to the government to warm the chairs.

Sa'ar warned that slowing down the military advance in Gaza means prolonging the war, and this is against Israel's interest, he said.

107 Martyrs in 11 Massacres

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said that the Israeli occupation army committed 11 massacres during the last 24 hours, claiming 107 martyrs and 176 wounded. It also continued its siege of several hospitals and intensified its bombing of Beit Lahia and Jabalia.

In the middle of the Gaza Strip, the people of Deir al-Balah mourned 22 martyrs who fell in a massacre committed by the occupation forces in the center of the city, by bombing the Salman family home, which claimed dozens of lives, including martyrs, wounded and missing.

Al-Qassam Bombs Ashdod

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, fired a batch of rockets at the city of Ashdod, north of the Gaza Strip.


The Al-Qassam Brigades said that it "bombed occupied Ashdod with a missile salvo in response to the targeting of civilians in the Gaza Strip."

For its part, Israeli Army Radio said that two of the eight rockets fired from Gaza towards Ashdod were intercepted.

Other Israeli media also reported that the rockets were fired from the central Gaza Strip, specifically from the Deir al-Balah area.

The Al-Quds Brigades - the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement - also announced that it had bombed Ashkelon and the Gaza Strip with a missile barrage.

The Israeli army said that sirens sounded in Ashkelon and Zikim.

Storming Al-Aqsa and Arrests in the West Bank

Dozens of settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, and the occupation forces escalated their campaigns of arrests and raids in the West Bank.

The Islamic Endowments Department in occupied Jerusalem said that 228 settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, under the protection of the occupation police, which continues to prevent thousands of Palestinians from reaching the mosque.

The number of Palestinian detainees in the occupied West Bank has risen to 7,770 since October 7, after the Israeli army arrested 15 Palestinians on Monday night, including a child and former prisoners.

Targeting Hezbollah

The Israeli army said that it carried out a raid targeting Hezbollah fighters in the Mays al-Jabal area in southern Lebanon, while Hezbollah said that it bombed the Al-Malikiyah and Zibdin sites with artillery shells, confirming that it struck them “directly.”

Israeli Aggressions on Lebanon

A Lebanese security source said on Monday that a Hamas leader survived an Israeli drone strike yesterday on the town of Al-Suwairi in the western Bekaa in eastern Lebanon, near the border with Syria.

A Syrian citizen was killed in the raid, who was working in a store in this town, which is 5 kilometers from the border between Lebanon and Syria, according to the Lebanese News Agency.

The Lebanese security source explained that the raid was targeting a Hamas leader who was passing on the road where the strike occurred, but he survived it.

This is the first time that the Israeli army has targeted this area since the beginning of the confrontations with Hezbollah last October, noting that it recently carried out several raids on the city of Baalbek, which is also located in the Bekaa, including 5 raids last Saturday evening.

Gallant Warns

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that stopping the war in Gaza may bring a war on the northern front closer, in his comment on the adoption of a resolution by the UN Security Council demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Gallant added, "There is no moral right for anyone to stop the war without freeing the kidnapped people."

Israel Warns Against Recognizing a Palestinian State

The Israeli Foreign Ministry warned that the announcement by Spain, Malta, Slovenia and Ireland of their intention to recognize a Palestinian state is a "reward for terrorism."

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hayat said, in a tweet on the “X” platform, that the commitment to recognizing a Palestinian state will only complicate reaching a solution and increase regional instability.

On Friday, Spain said that it had agreed with Ireland, Malta and Slovenia to take the first steps towards recognizing the state declared by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel's Crisis is Exacerbated by the Haredi Conscription Law

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid described the Haredi (religious Jews) recruitment law, which will be put to a vote on Tuesday, as an “insult to the army,” describing those involved in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as “involved in this moral stain.”

Guterres Defends UNRWA

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) represents a lifeline for millions of refugees in the region.

During a tour of one of the centers in Al-Wahdat camp in Jordan, where UNRWA provides health and educational services, Guterres said that the agency represents a lifeline of hope and dignity for millions of refugees throughout the region.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies


New Massacres

On the 169th day of the aggression towards Gaza, a new tragedy spread out because the Israeli forces devoted a bloodbath in opposition to innocent civilians. The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades mentioned the death of the primary Israeli prisoner because of hunger.

Government Media Office Announcement

The authority’s media workplace in Gaza said that 19 Palestinians have been killed and 23 others have been injured whilst looking forward to resource close to the Kuwait Roundabout in Gaza City as a result of an Israeli bombing.

Ministry of Health Report

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the Israeli career forces had committed 7 massacres against households within the past 24 hours, ensuing in 72 deaths and 114 injuries. The overall dying toll from the Israeli aggression had risen to 32,142 martyrs and 74,412 injured when you consider that October 7, 2023.

Al-Qassam Brigades

The Al-Qassam Brigades targeted 3 Israeli tanks and inflicted casualties on career infantrymen south of Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City. They also hit an Israeli troop service with an “Al-Yassin 105” shell.

Siege of Al-Shifa Complex

Five wounded people trapped in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City died because of loss of get entry to to water, food, and fitness services. The Ministry of Health appealed for pressing intervention from UN institutions and the international community to save lives.

Israeli Prisoner Dies of Starvation

Abu Ubaida, spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, announced the loss of life of Israeli prisoner Yegev Bukhataf because of lack of medicine and meals. He highlighted the dire conditions confronted via enemy prisoners in Gaza.

Exchange Deal Developments

Hamas leaders expressed frustration with Israel's situations for a ceasefire, accusing them of obstructing the settlement. Israel's response protected a refusal to prevent the war, withdrawal of forces from Gaza, and conditions for the go back of displaced humans.

Officer Killed

An Israeli non-commissioned officer became killed and two others have been seriously injured in an operation achieved by means of a Palestinian gunman inside the West Bank. The Israeli army said that the officer belonged to the elite Duvdevan unit.

Guterres in Rafah

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for a ceasefire in Gaza to allow useful resources to reach those in need. Despite his appeal, Israel planned to send ground forces to Rafah under the pretext of pursuing Hamas, which alarmed many international leaders.


More Tragedy in Gaza

On the 168th day of Genocide War on Gaza, the situation continues to worsen. The number of people who have been killed by Israel has risen to over 32,000. The Shifa Medical Complex, a vital hospital, remains under brutal occupation siege of Israeli forces.

Israeli Violations

Disturbing images have emerged showing Israeli tanks intentionally running over Palestinian civilians who were trying to flee the Shifa complex. The Israeli army has admitted that some of the photos they shared were inaccurate, calling it a human error.

New Massacres

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the Israeli occupation forces have committed new massacres, resulting in the deaths of 82 Palestinians and injuries to 110 others in just 24 hours. The total number of martyrs since the conflict began has now reached 32,700, with 74,298 people wounded.

Siege of Al-Shifa Complex

Doctors, patients, and displaced individuals trapped in the Shifa Medical Complex have made a desperate plea for food and medicine. The occupation forces have surrounded the hospital, making it difficult for essential supplies to reach those in need.

Occupation Losses

There have been clashes between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli forces near the Shifa complex. The Islamic Jihad Movement reported injuring an Israeli soldier and targeting a gathering of occupation forces with mortar shells.

Veto in the Security Council

Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution in the UN Security Council related to the genocide war on Gaza. The US and UK delegates expressed disappointment, while Russia accused the resolution of favoring Israel.

Seizure of Lands in the West Bank

Israel has seized a significant amount of land in the West Bank, claiming it as state property. This marks the largest land seizure in 30 years, sparking outrage among Palestinians.

Bombing Lebanon

Hezbollah targeted Israeli military sites in Lebanon, achieving direct hits. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is working on diplomatic efforts to stop the aggression. Israeli forces retaliated by launching

Support for Gaza Demonstrations

  • Tens of thousands of Yemenis gathered in Al-Sabeen Square in Sanaa to show their support for Gaza. They responded to a call from the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) with the slogan, "Our operations continue... Stop your aggression."
  • Jordanians have been protesting in Amman and other areas for 24 weeks now. They are standing in solidarity with Gaza since the start of the Israeli war.
  • Hundreds of Moroccans held vigils to support Gaza and demand an end to the starvation and siege imposed on the region. They want to show their support for the Palestinians who have been suffering from war for months.
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic party, organized a march in Tunis to support the people of Gaza after Friday prayers.
  • In Diraz, northwest of Bahrain, a popular demonstration took place to show support for Palestine and Gaza. The protesters demanded an end to the war and an end to starving the residents of Gaza.


Ongoing Aggressions

On the 167th day of the war on Gaza, the Israeli army continued its attacks on the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. The resistance also targeted Israeli forces, causing losses in the area and other parts of Gaza.

Efforts to reach an agreement between Hamas and Israel are ongoing, with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visiting the region.

Battles at Al-Shifa Complex

The Israeli army continued to besiege and bomb the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. The Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, reported killing an Israeli sniper near the complex. They also targeted Israeli tanks and a troop carrier with mortar shells.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, targeted an Israeli military vehicle and clashed with Israeli forces in Gaza.

7 Massacres

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported 7 massacres, resulting in 65 deaths and 92 injuries in one day. The total number of victims since October is 31,988 martyrs and 74,188 injured.

The government in Gaza accused Israel of deliberately killing 13 patients at the Shifa Complex by denying them medical supplies.

Developments in the Prisoners’ Agreement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced that the head of Mossad will travel to Qatar to discuss a ceasefire agreement in Gaza, including the release of prisoners.

There were reports of disagreements within the Israeli government regarding the prisoner deal, leading to the cancellation of scheduled meetings.

Blinken Tour

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Cairo to discuss progress in negotiations. Blinken is on his sixth tour in the region since the Gaza War.

An Arab ministerial meeting was held in Cairo to discuss efforts for a humanitarian truce in Gaza.

Kuwait in a week

March 21, 2024

Thursday,21th March, 2024

Kuwait Ranks Among the Happiest Countries

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” Launches Ramadan Activities

Education Reform and Financial Sustainability Projects

“Humanitarian Photography Grant” Initiative Documenting Humanitarian Situations

“Hofath” Continues Humanitarian Efforts

"Balad Al Khair" famous its achievements within the State of Kuwait during the year 2023

IICO Serves 18 Centers for Quranic Studies with 11,168 Students.

Namaa Charity Partners with Awqaf for "Iftar" project

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” Launches Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Lectures and Activities

The Da’wah Sector in “Al-Islah” has kicked off a series of Ramadan sports in Kuwait. Dr. Hamad Yousef Al-Mazrouei, Head of the Da’wah and Sharia Education Sector at the Social Reform Society, introduced the launch of Ramadan lessons in 10 mosques across Kuwait. This 12 months, the sector is web hosting over a hundred lectures by Kuwaiti imams and preachers after the afternoon prayer. The purpose is to encourage worshipers to make the most of the holy month of Ramadan and create a non secular environment.

Qur’anic Ijaza Project and Other Events

In addition to the lectures, there are various sports and occasions accompanying the Ramadan application. The Qur’anic Ijaza Project, now in its third year, targets to graduate memorizers who've received the Qur’anic Ijaza with a series of transmission linked to the Prophet Muhammad. There also are listening to periods and other activities to have interaction the network.

Kuwait Ranks Among the Happiest Countries

Global Happiness Ranking

Kuwait has been ranked as the happiest u . S . Within the Arab global and 13th globally in the World Happiness Report. The report, which blanketed 143 international locations, assessed citizens’ lives, social support, profits, freedom, and shortage of corruption. The UAE and Saudi Arabia also ranked high inside the Arab global.

International Day of Happiness

The file, released at the International Day of Happiness, highlighted Finland because the happiest united states of america for the 7th consecutive yr. The United States and the UK saw a drop of their ratings. The file is considered one of the most reliable signs of happiness worldwide.

Education Reform and Financial Sustainability Projects

Government Action Program

The authorities of Kuwait has accredited 19 projects under the Government Action Program to decorate human and economic capital in the u . S .. These tasks attention on improving training best, fostering innovation, and promoting medical research.

“Humanitarian Photography Grant” Initiative Documenting Humanitarian Situations

An organization of Kuwaiti photographers launched the “Humanitarian Photography Grant” initiative to report the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The initiative ambitions to showcase cohesion and cooperation in times of need through photography.

“Hofath” Continues Humanitarian Efforts

Iftar Projects Inside and Outside Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Charitable Society (Hofath) is continuing its “Iftar the Fasting Person” undertaking outside and inside Kuwait. The challenge affords food to those in need in the course of the holy month of Ramadan, which includes Syrian refugees in 12 international locations. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, M. Ahmed Al-Murshed, emphasized the importance of supporting the ones in need all through Ramadan.

"Balad Al Khair" famous its achievements within the State of Kuwait during the year 2023

Last yr, the Bilad Al-Khair Association helped nearly 1/2 one million people in Kuwait via various charitable projects. They assisted thousands of women and workers in need. The director, Othman Al-Thuwaini, shared that they completed around 50 projects to guide households, people, and people in Kuwait.

Providing Aid

The association's projects included sponsoring orphans, treating the ill, imparting meals, apparel, and housing. They also focused on supporting orphan ladies get married and enhancing their living conditions. Additionally, they labored on water deliver initiatives and network improvement projects.

Seasonal Projects

Throughout the yr, they launched tasks like offering school baggage, warm iciness and cool summer tasks, Ramadan and Eid projects, and initiatives for breaking the fast and sacrificial services.

Thanking Donors

Al-Thuwaini thanked the generous donors and organizations that supported their efforts to enhance the lives of those in want in Kuwait.

IICO Serves 18 Centers for Quranic Studies with 11,168 Students.

The charitable organisation’s efforts in serving the Holy Qur’an... 18 facilities with a capacity of eleven,168 college students and memorizers.

The International Islamic Charitable Organization has been lively in supporting the Holy Qur’an for over 4 decades. They backed memorizers and teachers in 19 nations, allotted copies of the Qur’an, and released diverse Qur’anic tasks.

Qur’an Centers

They established 18 Qur’an centers in seven countries, imparting training and assist for memorizers and college students. They also subsidized Qur’an teachers in 19 countries.

Qur’anic Projects

In addition to the centers, they allotted copies of the Qur’an, sponsored competitions, libraries, translations, or even created an electronic Qur’an in Braille for the blind.

  Namaa Charity Partners with Awqaf for "Iftar" project

Namaa Charity launches the “Iftar for the Fasting Person” venture in partnership with the Awqaf Secretariat

Namaa Charity, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Endowments, launched the Iftar Bank to provide meals for fasting individuals in want. This initiative goals to help households and people in Kuwait Strategic Partnerships

Walid Al-Bassam, from Namaa Charity, highlighted the significance of partnerships in implementing charitable tasks. They work with diverse institutions to offer aid and aid to the ones in want in Kuwait.


On the 161st day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks, causing devastation in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations also warned about the potential invasion of the Rafah area in southern Gaza.

Attacks on Civilians

The Israeli warplanes bombed areas where people were waiting for aid, leading to casualties. The government media office in Gaza reported five massacres in two days, resulting in 56 deaths and 300 injuries.

The Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, retaliated by targeting Israeli soldiers. The clashes between the resistance and the Israeli forces continued in different parts of Gaza.

Possible Invasion of Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved plans for a military operation in Rafah. This decision raised concerns about a potential massacre in the densely populated city.

International Reactions

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant warned about the consequences of the ongoing conflict. The tension between Washington and Tel Aviv also escalated, with US President Joe Biden expressing concerns about the situation.

Humanitarian Aid

Despite the violence, the first aid ship arrived in Gaza, providing much-needed supplies. The aid included food items like rice, flour, and canned vegetables, which were unloaded under international supervision.

Hamas Proposal

Hamas presented a ceasefire and prisoner exchange proposal, but Israel deemed it unrealistic. The proposal outlined a three-stage ceasefire plan, but the negotiations are ongoing.

Developments in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Resistance factions vowed to confront the forces and protect their territories.

Northern Front

Lebanese Hezbollah targeted Israeli soldiers and sites in southern Lebanon, while Israeli aircraft conducted raids in the region. The conflict in the northern front remains intense.

Source: Agencies


7 New Massacres in 24 Hours

On the 160th day of the war on Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces committed 7 new massacres, resulting in the deaths of 69 people and 110 injuries. The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that health conditions are deteriorating among the displaced population in the besieged area.

Political Developments

The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Ismail Haniyeh, mentioned the possibility of reaching a multi-stage agreement if the Israeli government is willing to compromise. The movement also called on Palestinians to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque against Israeli aggression.

International Efforts for Aid Delivery

After a ministerial meeting involving American, European, British, Cypriot, Emirati, and Qatari representatives, it was emphasized that aid delivery to Gaza must primarily go through land routes via Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. The Cyprus sea corridor is also being considered to increase humanitarian aid flow to the Strip.

Netanyahu's Plans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his determination to enter Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, despite international pressure against a military operation in that area. He affirmed his commitment to completing the mission.

Other Developments

There were reports of an explosion near a ship off the coast of Yemen, as well as renewed US-British raids on Hodeidah in Yemen. Additionally, the Islamic Resistance Movement stated its openness to a multi-stage agreement and urged the US administration to intervene to stop the war on Gaza.

Internal Disputes in Israel

A dispute over the conscription of religious Jews (Haredim) has caused division within Benjamin Netanyahu's government. Israeli War Council member Benny Gantz decided not to participate in discussions on a new conscription law, emphasizing the need for action rather than empty talks.

Incursions into the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces conducted raids and incursions in various areas of the West Bank. Meanwhile, the US administration is considering imposing sanctions on two illegal settlement sites in the region.

Criticism from US Senate Leader

US Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized Netanyahu, calling him a major obstacle to peace. Schumer also condemned Israeli Ministers of Finance and National Security for escalating tension and violence.

  Targeting of Displaced People

An Al Jazeera reporter recently shared a heartbreaking story about an attack on displaced people in Gaza City. Six people killed by Israeli bombs, and 83 others were injured when Israeli forces targeted those waiting for aid at the Kuwait Roundabout. This attack came shortly after another targeting of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency headquarters in Rafah.

Desperate Need for Medical Help

The injured individuals were rushed to Al-Shifa Medical Complex for treatment. Unfortunately, the hospital was struggling with limited resources, including closed operating rooms and a shortage of medical staff and supplies.

US Sanctions on Israeli Settlement Sites

 The US government, under President Joe Biden, recently imposed sanctions on two Israeli settlement sites in the West Bank. These sanctions were put in place to address the ongoing issue of settlement activity, which the US believes hinders the peace process.

Targeting Extremist Settlers

According to reports, extremist Israeli settlers were using the two sanctioned settlement sites, Moshes Farm and Zephys Farm, as bases for attacks on Palestinians. This action is part of a larger effort by the Biden administration to address settler violence in the region.

Washington's Call to Tehran

Seeking Help to End Houthi Attacks

In an interesting turn of events, the United States has been engaging in secret talks with Iran to seek their assistance in stopping attacks by the Ansar Allah Houthi group in Yemen. The goal is to put an end to the attacks on Israeli ships in the Red Sea.

Negotiations for Peace

These talks, which took place in Oman earlier this year, mark the first direct communication between the US and Iran in almost a year. The hope is that Iran will use its influence to help bring about peace in the region and prevent further violence.



Kuwait in a week

March 14, 2024

The Social Reform Society Celebrates the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting"

The State of Kuwait Celebrates 30 Years of Endowment Achievements

IICO Continues Support for Gaza Through the Kuwaiti Air Bridge

Al-Hayat Charity: Spreading Kindness During Ramadan

PM receives Kuwaiti doctors returning from Gaza

 Al-Sharekh: The Pioneer of Arabic in Computers Passed Away

255 Candidates Running in Nation 2024 Race!

A Plan to Restore 100 Kuwaiti Heritage Buildings

The Social Reform Society Celebrates the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting"

An Exciting Event

Last Tuesday, the Social Reform Society hosted the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting" in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The event took place in the Rawda area and was attended by the Chairman of the Society's Board of Directors, Dr.. Khaled Al-Madhkoor, along with other board members and many community leaders.

60 Years of Success

This year's meeting marked the Society's sixtieth anniversary, kicking off a new chapter in its long history. The Society is dedicated to continuing its important work and community programs to help build a better nation. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, including the Board of Directors and sector leaders, the Society has achieved many great things in the past year.

Notable Achievements

Dr. Khaled highlighted some of the Society's most significant accomplishments, such as increased charitable spending by Namaa Charity, the completion of 137 activities by the Women's Work Secretariat, and the development of "Al-Muqatim" magazine for digital media. The Society also made strides in restructuring its media sector and creating a strategic plan for future success.

Diverse Programs

The Society offers a wide range of programs for different sectors, including education, sports, community activities, and advocacy efforts. From educational and sports activities to remote Sharia courses and social communication initiatives, the Society is dedicated to serving its community in various ways.

Gratitude and Hope

Dr. Khaled expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in organizing the Loyalty Meeting, especially Adel Al-Asfour, the head of the Loyalty Office. He acknowledged the hard work of those who have passed away and those who continue to contribute to the Society's mission. As the Society moves forward, Dr. Khaled hopes for continued success in serving the community and following the call of God.

The State of Kuwait Celebrates 30 Years of Endowment Achievements

Minister of Justice Commends General Secretariat of Endowments

The Minister of Justice, Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Chairman of the Endowment Affairs Council, Counselor Faisal Saeed Al-Gharib, expressed Kuwait's pride in the remarkable accomplishments of the General Secretariat of Endowments. These achievements have made a significant impact both locally and globally, particularly in community service and supporting those in need. The Minister highlighted the General Secretariat's role in advancing endowment work in Kuwait and praised it as a pioneering governmental initiative.

30th Endowment Forum Opening Ceremony

These remarks were made during the opening ceremony of the 27th Endowment Forum, which took place on Thursday. The forum, organized by the General Secretariat of Endowments under the theme "Thirty Years of Leadership," was sponsored by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait.

Contributions to Global Humanitarian Efforts

Minister Al-Gharib emphasized the General Secretariat's contributions over the past thirty years in supporting the less fortunate, both locally and internationally. Through endowment funds, projects, and initiatives, Kuwait has established itself as a global humanitarian hub. The General Secretariat has also been involved in relief efforts for those affected by natural disasters and conflicts worldwide, working closely with Kuwaiti authorities.

Recognition and Gratitude

The Minister expressed gratitude to His Highness the Amir for his generous support of the forum and ongoing backing of the General Secretariat's activities. He also thanked His Highness for appointing him as a representative at the event.

Strategic Vision and Leadership

Qualitative Leap in Endowment Work

Nasser Muhammad Al-Hamad, the acting Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of Endowments, highlighted the Secretariat's role in advancing endowment work in Kuwait. He described it as a pioneering governmental initiative that has set a solid strategy and clear vision for the future. The Secretariat aims to excel in endowment work at both local and international levels, with a focus on community development and cultural enrichment.

Regional and International Recognition

Al-Hamad noted that the General Secretariat's efforts have been recognized at the local, regional, and international levels. Kuwait was entrusted with coordinating the endowment efforts of Islamic countries following a decision made at the Sixth Conference of Ministers of Endowments of Islamic Countries in 1997.

Endowment Forum Objectives

The forum aims to showcase the General Secretariat's achievements over the past thirty years and its significant role in serving communities. It also seeks to highlight the cultural impact of endowments within and beyond Kuwait's borders.

IICO Continues Support for Gaza Through the Kuwaiti Air Bridge

The International Islamic Charitable Organization is continuing its support for the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. They recently sent two planes loaded with 85 tons of food to Amman, Jordan, to be airdropped to Gaza by the Jordanian Armed Forces. This effort is in cooperation with Kuwait Relief Society, Al Salam Society for Humanitarian and Charitable Works, and the Kuwait Air Force.

Commitment to Aid Delivery

The Charitable Organization's Deputy Director General, Ibrahim Khaled Al-Badr, expressed the organization's commitment to delivering aid to the people of Palestine. They have contributed to 37 relief aircrafts so far.

Ramadan Campaign

During Ramadan, the Charitable Organization launched a campaign called "Leave a Trace" to support the people of Palestine. This includes projects like sponsoring orphans, providing medical support, shelter projects, and more.

Financial Support and Partnerships

Supporting Humanitarian Projects

The Charitable Organization has allocated over 4 million US dollars to support 37 humanitarian projects in partnership with Kuwaiti charities and Palestinian organizations. They have reached over 347,000 beneficiaries.

Partnerships and Appreciation

Al-Badr praised the efforts of various ministries and Kuwaiti charitable societies for their support. He also appreciated the Jordanian authorities for facilitating the delivery of aid to Gaza through airdrops by the Jordanian Air Force.

Al-Hayat Charity: Spreading Kindness During Ramadan

Delivering Meals to Those in Need

Al-Hayat Charity Association has started giving out Iftar meals to people who are fasting and in need during the holy month of Ramadan. They began by providing 1,100 meals in Kuwait and in other countries.

Helping Locally and Globally

The Secretary of Al-Hayat Charitable Society, Dr. Khaled Al-Shatti, mentioned that they are not only distributing meals in Kuwait but also in places like Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and various countries in Africa and Asia. They plan to continue this effort every day throughout Ramadan.

Calling for Support

Dr. Al-Shatti is asking for donations from kind-hearted people to help those in need during this special month. He mentioned that Al-Hayat Charity is working on different projects like providing bread and dates, building mosques, and taking care of orphans.

How to Donate

If you want to contribute to these projects, you can visit the Al-Hayat Charity Association's website or call their hotline. Dr. Al-Shatti hopes that those who donate will be rewarded for their generosity.

PM receives Kuwaiti doctors returning from Gaza

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah received on Wednesday members of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s medical team which returned recently from Gaza where they had gone on a mission to support relief efforts. His Highness the Prime Minister praised the team of volunteers, saying that the Kuwaiti doctors’ team’s mission is a source of pride for Kuwait. — KUNA

Muhammad Al-Sharekh: The Pioneer of Arabic in Computers Passed Away

Muhammad Al-Sharekh, the founder of "Sakhr" company, was a Kuwaiti businessman who was born in 1942. He was the first person to introduce the Arabic language to computers. He translated various programs, including the Holy Qur'an, and made significant contributions to the Arabic language in the digital world. He passed away in 2024.

Early Life

Al-Sharekh was born in Kuwait in 1942 and grew up there. He later went on to pursue his education and career in various fields.

Education and Career

Al-Sharekh obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Cairo University in 1965. He then completed his master's degree at Williams College in Massachusetts, specializing in economic development.

He started his professional career at the Kuwait Fund for Development and later held various positions in different organizations, including the International Bank for Business and Development and the Industrial Bank of Kuwait.

Sakhr Company

Al-Sharekh founded "Sakhr" Computer Software Company in 1982, where he introduced the Arabic language to computers. He collaborated with Dr. Nabil Ali to lay the foundations for Arabic language integration in computers.

Under the Sakhr brand, Al-Sharekh developed programs like the Holy Qur'an, Arabic optical character recognition, and the contemporary Arabic dictionary. He also received patents for optical character recognition, automatic translation from Arabic to English, and Arabic pronunciation.

Al-Sharekh Archive

In 2016, Al-Sharekh initiated the "Al-Sharekh Archive" project to preserve Arab literary and cultural magazines online. The archive contains thousands of issues and articles, as well as a collection of Arab and foreign books.

Legacy and Awards

Al-Sharekh received numerous awards for his contributions to technology and Arabic language development. He was recognized for his pioneering work in introducing Arabic to computers and received accolades from various Arab institutions.

Muhammad Al-Sharekh's legacy lives on through his groundbreaking work in integrating the Arabic language into computers. His contributions have had a lasting impact on technology and language development.

255 Candidates Running in Nation 2024 Race!

Record Number of Candidates

 A whopping 255 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for the upcoming Nation 2024 race. That's a lot of people vying for a spot in the National Assembly!

Gender Breakdown

Out of the 255 candidates, 244 are male and 14 are female. It's interesting to note that the number of female candidates has been decreasing over the past few years. Let's hope more women step up in the future!

District Distribution

The fourth district is leading the pack with 68 candidates, followed by the second district with 53 candidates and the fifth district with 50 candidates. Looks like the competition is fierce in these areas!

Candidate Concerns

Improving Living Conditions

During the nomination period, candidates have been vocal about the need to improve living conditions for citizens. They're calling for urgent action to address inflation, high living costs, and the need for political reform. It's great to see them advocating for the people!

Political Reform

Candidates like Abdulaziz Al-Bathali are pushing for political reform as a way to correct any issues in the system. They want to see changes that benefit the citizens and move Kuwait forward.

Challenges Ahead

Many candidates are highlighting the challenges citizens face, such as inadequate healthcare, poor infrastructure, and high living costs. They're urging the government to take action and make positive changes for the people.

Looking to the Future

As the election approaches, candidates like Fawzi Al-Saqr are focused on enacting legislation that will enhance the nation's stability and rights. They're eager to make a difference and move Kuwait towards a brighter future.

Exciting Times Ahead

With so many candidates running and a variety of issues being discussed, it's clear that Nation 2024 is going to be an exciting race. Let's see who comes out on top and leads Kuwait into the future!

A Plan to Restore 100 Kuwaiti Heritage Buildings

Government Initiative

Recently, the Council of Ministers in Kuwait assigned the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature to speed up plans to restore heritage buildings in the country. The goal is to turn over 100 historical buildings into tourist attractions to boost domestic tourism and create more cultural and entertainment projects.

Preservation Efforts

The National Council is working with the Kuwait Municipality and other organizations to survey historical buildings across the country. They are sending a list of these buildings to the Ministry of Finance for further action.

Cultural Memory Reconstruction

The plan to restore historical buildings aims to preserve the country's cultural heritage. The government is focusing on heritage, culture, tourism, and entertainment projects to diversify the economy and reduce reliance on oil revenue.

Maintenance and Restoration

The National Council has already completed restoration work on several historical schools, turning them into cultural and administrative centers or museums. They are also working on restoring the American Hospital, Sadu House, and the Red Palace.

Heritage Mosques

There are 51 historical mosques in Kuwait, with the oldest dating back to the 1880s. The government is prioritizing the preservation of these mosques and other important buildings.

Shipbuilders and Other Buildings

The Al-Ayoub building in Sharq, once used for shipbuilding, is being prepared to become a national museum. The old municipality building and Sheikh Khazal Palace are also undergoing restoration for future cultural use.


General Ziv's Insights

Retired General Yisrael Ziv, former Director of Operations at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, believes that Hamas is fighting with a strategic vision, unlike Israel, which is focused on tactical military considerations in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas' Strategy

General Ziv points out that Hamas has shifted from direct military conflict to guerrilla warfare, which poses challenges for the Israeli army. Hamas is no longer seeking victory in a direct clash but is focused on guerrilla tactics, including explosive traps, similar to Hezbollah's tactics.

Time is Ticking

General Ziv warns that Israel is losing valuable time, while Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is resisting international pressure and waiting for American patience to run out. Sinwar aims to end the war with Israel withdrawing from Gaza, portraying it as a defeat for Israel.

General Ziv's Recommendations

General Ziv suggests accepting the American proposal to replace Hamas with Fatah in Gaza, under Israeli control, with conditions including humanitarian aid and dismantling all Hamas forces. He criticizes Prime Minister Netanyahu for a tactical approach that lacks strategic gains.

Rafah and Lebanon

General Ziv advises against storming Rafah without coordination, especially during Ramadan, to avoid harming Israel's international image. In Lebanon, he recommends targeting Hezbollah and pressuring the Lebanese government to stop supporting the group.

Even though Hezbollah may be losing tactically, they are controlling the narrative and will not stop fighting until a ceasefire in Gaza is achieved.

Source: Israeli press