Israeli newspaper: Gaza Sea Route is Netanyahu’s Proposal


Delivery of Humanitarian Aid

An Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested to US President Joe Biden the idea of sending humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea, just two weeks after the war broke out in Gaza.

Israeli Inspection in Cyprus

The newspaper stated that Netanyahu discussed with Biden on October 22 about delivering aid to Gaza through a sea route, with the condition that Israeli inspection would be conducted in Cyprus.

Exploring Maritime Supplies

Netanyahu later presented this strategy to Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides on October 31. The matter was revisited during a conversation between Netanyahu and Biden on January 19, where Netanyahu proposed forming a team to explore maritime supplies through Cyprus.

Biden's Response

Implementing Netanyahu's Plan

A source close to Netanyahu hinted that Biden was simply carrying out Netanyahu's plan and did not come up with anything new.

Diplomatic Tensions

The Jerusalem Post mentioned that tensions between Biden and Netanyahu escalated as Biden tried to distance himself from the Israeli Prime Minister for his re-election campaign.

Washington's Criticism

Building Emergency Port

Biden announced in his State of the Union address about the US military planning to construct an emergency temporary port off the coast of Gaza to aid in the entry of humanitarian aid into the Strip.

Criticism of Netanyahu

Washington sees this move as a criticism of Netanyahu, as Biden stated that Israel should do more to help the Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel's Response

Welcoming Biden's Announcement

Israel welcomed Biden's announcement of the military operation to build a temporary port. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and other officials were briefed on the necessary steps to establish a naval pier and roads for aid distribution.

Source: Jerusalem Post