The Israeli Army to Include Indian-Made Drones in Its Fleet

By Gamal Khattab February 15, 2024 1122

The Israeli army is planning to add Indian-made Hermes 900 drones to its existing fleet of aircraft. This decision has raised concerns among human rights activists and defense analysts, who believe that it will further involve India in the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Delivery Amidst Air Strikes

The delivery of these drones comes at a time when Israeli air strikes are targeting the city of Rafah, and the occupation army is preparing for a major attack on the densely populated urban area.

Role of Drones

Defense analysts state that drones have been a crucial part of the Israeli army's ongoing aggression against Gaza. They are used for intelligence gathering and carrying out attacks on Palestinian civilians and homes.

Hermes 900 Drones

The Hermes 900 drones are capable of flying for more than 30 hours and are used in various military operations, including reconnaissance missions and aerial bombardment. They were first used in 2014 during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of many Palestinian lives.

India’s Involvement

Girish Lingana, an Indian defense analyst, expressed concerns about the deployment of these drones in Gaza. He stated that Israel frequently uses its military assets, including drones, for surveillance and targeted strikes in the region. Lingana believes that these Adani-Elbit drones will likely be deployed in Gaza.

Transfer of Drones

Although neither country publicly acknowledged the transfer of Indian-made drones to Israel, a source at Adani confirmed that the drones were indeed exported to Israel.

Complicity and Relations

Human rights activists and defense analysts argue that India's involvement in supplying drones to Israel highlights its growing complicity in the treatment of Palestinians. It also underscores the thriving economic and military relations between the two countries.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Shir Hever, the Military Embargo Coordinator at the Palestinian National Committee for Boycott of Israel, criticized India's alignment with Israel, considering India's history under colonial rule. Hever emphasized that Hermes 900 drones are used to bomb defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Furthermore, the partnership between India and Israel in the drone industry raises legal and ethical dilemmas for India. As more information emerges about the events in Gaza, it becomes evident that a significant percentage of Palestinian casualties are caused by Israeli drones. This blurs the line between supplier and potential partner, even if India has no direct control over how the drones are used.