Italian Jews Stand in Solidarity with Gaza and Disavow Netanyahu Featured


Italian Jews Call for an End to the War on Gaza

A group of 54 Italian Jews have written an open letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to stop the war on the Gaza Strip. They also want Jews around the world to understand the serious consequences of this tragedy for the future. The letter was published in Italian newspapers, including "Il Fatto Quotidiano," on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Expressing Concern over Netanyahu's Actions

In their letter titled "What is the value of memory if it does not stop in Gaza and the West Bank?", the authors, who describe themselves as secular Jews involved in the Jewish Voices for Peace organization, express their deep concern. They believe that Netanyahu is prolonging the war to maintain his power and accuse him of lacking a political solution. They are disappointed that some Israelis and Jews worldwide fail to recognize the tragedy and its long-term effects.

Discussion on War Crimes and Genocide

The signatories argue that debating whether Israel's actions in Gaza constitute genocide will not alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian victims and their families. They emphasize that International Holocaust Remembrance Day should not be reduced to a mere ritual. Instead, it should serve as an opportunity to reflect on preventing such atrocities from happening again to any people.

Rejecting Victim Rhetoric and Anti-Semitism

The letter criticizes Israel's use of victim rhetoric and the manipulation of anti-Semitism to justify its actions. The signatories firmly believe that the resistance attack cannot be an excuse to ignore the pain of others, dehumanize the weak, or resort to violence against them. They distance themselves from the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy, which labels any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, stating that they understand the true meaning of anti-Semitism and will not tolerate its misuse.

Source: Italian press