WSJ: Stopping the War Not American Strikes Could Calm Tensions


American Strikes Might Not Be the Solution

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the airstrikes carried out by American forces on pro-Iranian armed groups in the Middle East might not be the best way to calm tensions in the region. Instead, an agreement to stop the fighting between Hamas and Israel could be more effective.

Why the Airstrikes Won't Stop Attacks

The American retaliatory strikes were a response to the killing of three American soldiers by Iranian-backed groups in Syria and Iraq. However, experts believe that these strikes are unlikely to prevent further attacks on American and Israeli interests. To truly stop these attacks, a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is necessary.

American Strikes and Their Targets

Early on Saturday morning, American forces launched strikes on sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Quds Force in Syria and Iraq. The strikes were carried out by aircraft launched from the United States, using precision-guided missiles. The targeted facilities included command centers, control centers, espionage centers, and storage sites for missiles and drones.

The Reason Behind the Conflict

The Wall Street Journal attributes the conflict between the United States and factions allied with Iran to the war launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip. This conflict has led to a sharp escalation in attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria.

Other Groups Involved

In addition to the conflict in Gaza, Lebanese Hezbollah has also engaged in an exchange of fire on Israel's northern border. The Iranian-backed Houthis have launched attacks that have affected international shipping traffic in the Red Sea, leading to US airstrikes in Yemen. Both groups have stated that they will not stop fighting until Israel stops its aggression against Gaza.

Pressure on the US Administration

The war in Gaza has put pressure on the administration of US President Joe Biden to achieve a ceasefire and the release of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas. The United States is proposing a six-week halt to the war to allow hostages to leave and pave the way for a more sustainable peace. However, there are obstacles preventing both sides from agreeing to the deal, including internal divisions in Israel.

Source: Wall Street Journal