New Tragic Massacre in Gaza: 70 People Killed Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 25, 2023 2831


Occupation Bombing Claims Dozens of Lives

  The Israeli forces bombed Al-Maghazi camp in Gaza, and as a result, they killed 70 people and injured many others. One of the worst attacks we've seen since the aggression against Gaza began.

Why Did So Many People Die?

The Israeli forces targeted four homes in the camp. A lot of people were gathered in these homes at night, which is why the number of casualties was so high. Sometimes, these homes can have up to 100 people inside!

A Genocide in a Residential Area

The Ministry of Health in Gaza called this bombing a "genocide." They said it was like attacking a crowded neighborhood. They also mentioned that the number of casualties might increase because many families were in their homes when the bombing happened. It's really heartbreaking to hear about all these innocent lives lost.

Hamas Reacts to the Massacre

Hamas, a group in Gaza, also spoke out about this terrible event. They called it a "horrific massacre" and said it was a new war crime. They are very upset about what happened, just like the rest of us.

More Attacks in Gaza

 Israeli forces continued to shell other camps and areas in Gaza. In one attack, 11 people were killed, and many others were injured. Another bombing near the Palace of Justice also caused casualties. It's really devastating to hear about all these lives being lost.

Targeting Innocent People

It's important to know that the Israeli forces sometimes direct people to places they claim are safe, but then they bomb those very places. This puts innocent lives at risk, and it's really unfair.

Source: agencies