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By Sultan Abdul Hamid II May 21, 2024 136


In Europe, Jews wield more influence than in the East. Consequently, many European nations favour Jewish migration to Palestine, seeking to rid themselves of the Semitic race, which they perceive as burgeoning.

Yet, we already harbour a sufficient Jewish population. If we wish to maintain Arab superiority, we must dismiss the notion of resettling migrants in Palestine. Otherwise, should the Jews inhabit a land, they swiftly acquire dominion over all its capacities, effectively sealing the fate of our brethren in faith with a grim verdict.

The Zionist leader Herzl cannot sway me with his rhetoric. While he may assert, 'The Jewish problem will be solved when a Jew can guide his Plow,' he pursues securing land for his Jewish kin, neglecting the reality that intelligence alone cannot resolve all dilemmas.

The Zionists' ambitions extend beyond agricultural pursuits in Palestine; they crave governance and representation. I comprehend their aspirations well, yet the Jews naively presume acquiescence to their schemes. Though I acknowledge the services of some Jews at the palace gates, I vehemently oppose their aspirations and covetousness in Palestine.


The book "My Political Memoirs."


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