Day 212 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza Featured

 Israel's ongoing genocidal war on Gaza has been ongoing for 212 days, as Zionist forces persist in carrying out deadly air strikes, artillery attacks, and massacres on civilians in the Gaza Strip.

29 people were killed in three violent incidents.

The occupation continues its attacks on Gaza, resulting in casualties at dawn today, Sunday, in the bombing of various areas, including Rafah, Zawaida, Maghazi, Bureij camps, Deir al-Balah, and Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that three massacres were carried out by the occupation against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 29 deaths and 110 injuries in the last day.

The Ministry stated that the number of casualties from the attack had increased to 34,683 deaths and 78,018 injuries since October seventh.

"Al-Qassam" attacks a military base under occupation.

The Palestinian resistance in Gaza is still active and is standing up against the Zionist forces that are invading different areas. Today, Sunday, the "Al-Qassam Brigades" from the Hamas movement announced the bombing of enemy forces in the "Kerem Shalom" area using the "Rajum" missile system. 114 millimeter caliber with a limited range.

Although Palestinian reports suggested that several soldiers from the occupying forces were slain during the mission, Israeli media reported that 7 soldiers were wounded, with three of them sustaining severe injuries.

Al-Aqsa TV reported that security and field sources confirmed that the resistance has provided information indicating a minimum of 3 fatalities and approximately 10 injuries of varying severity.

Sources in the field reported that the operation was aimed at a military post set up by the occupation in the east of the Karam Abu Salem site, with the goal of coordinating the recent bombings in Rafah Governorate.

The sources reported that the occupying forces did not intervene for roughly an hour, leaving the wounded and deceased individuals at the scene.

Later on, Al-Qassam verified in a military report that they, along with the Al-Quds Brigades, attacked the Zionist troops stationed in the Netzarim area with 107 short-range missiles.

Peventing Al Jazeera.

According to Al Jazeera, the government of the occupying force unanimously agreed to shut down Al Jazeera's offices in the occupied areas.

The Hebrew media reported that Benny Gantz's official camp ministers did not take part in the vote to shut down the channel.

Haniyeh: An all-encompassing, interconnected deal

The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, stated that the world is now under the control of an extremist regime with numerous political issues and crimes in Gaza. The president aims to create excuses for ongoing aggression and conflict, hindering efforts by mediators and other groups.

Haniyeh emphasized in a press release today, on Sunday, that it is America that has been supporting this occupation, and it should cease doing so and refrain from supplying it with destructive and exterminating weapons.

He clarified that Hamas is still eager to achieve a holistic agreement that stops the attack, ensures retreat, and completes a significant prisoner exchange deal.