Day 187 of the Genocide War on Gaza Featured

• Zionist raid kills three sons and grandchildren of Hamas Political Bureau head, Ismail Haniyeh.

  • Zionist occupation forces commit massacres in Gaza.
  • UNRWA reports displacement of over 75% of population and destruction of 62% of homes.
  • Zionist forces commit massacre in Nuseirat camp, killing 14 martyrs, mostly children and women.
  • Gaza government media blames international community, occupation, and American administration for ongoing genocide.
  • Palestinians perform Eid al-Fitr prayers on destroyed mosques.
  • "Al-Qassam Brigades" confront Zionist forces in Gaza.
  • US President Joe Biden criticizes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for a ceasefire.

3 of Haniyeh’s sons killed by Israel

Israeli genocide war has entered its 187th day, as the Zionist occupation forces continue to commit massacres in the Gaza Strip, by launching dozens of air strikes, artillery shelling, and bloody massacres against civilians.

 The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) stated that the “Israeli” war on Gaza led to the displacement of more than 75% of the population and the destruction of about 62% of homes.

Below is a follow-up of the most prominent developments:

3 of Haniyeh’s sons killed by Israel

In a new crime, a Zionist raid targeted a vehicle in the Beach Camp in Gaza, inside which were 3 sons of the head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas,” Ismail Haniyeh, and 3 of his grandchildren.

According to Al-Aqsa Channel, the martyrs died in the Zionist bombing are:

- Hazem Ismail Haniyeh and his daughter Amal.

- Amir Ismail Haniyeh, his son Khaled, and his daughter Razan.

- Muhammad Ismail Haniyeh.

In his first comment, the head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, commented on the martyrdom of 3 of his sons and grandchildren saying: “I thank Allah for honoring us through the martyrdom of my three sons and some grandchildren.”

Haniyeh also said to Al-Jazeera: “Through pain and sacrifice, we build hope, future, and freedom for our people, cause, and nation.”


 He stressed that his children stayed with people of Gaza and did not flee, and that, along with all Palestinians, nearly sixty members of his family rose as martyrs.

 He declared that his sons' blood was no more valuable than the sons of the Gaza martyrs saying, "My sons' blood is a sacrifice on the road to liberating Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa,"

Activists circulated a video clip of the head of the Hamas political bureau the moment he received the news of the martyrdom of his three sons, during his visit to the wounded in Gaza in a Doha hospital, saying: “May God make it easy for them and have mercy on them.”

Massacre on Eid night

On the eve of Eid, the Zionist occupation forces committed a massacre in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, killing at least 14 martyrs, the majority of whom were children and women.

The Palestinian Information Center correspondent reported that the occupation warplanes bombed a house for the Abu Youssef family on the heads of its residents on the last day of the month of Ramadan and hours before Eid al-Fitr.

Eid al-Fitr with Sadness, Grief and Pain

The government media office in Gaza said: The Gaza Strip receives the happy Eid al-Fitr with more sadness, grief and pain, in light of the continuing crimes carried out by the “Israeli” occupation army, and the continuation of the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

He pointed out in a statement the high number of martyrs and wounded and the continued bombing of homes and civilian institutions, the latest of which was the occupation’s commission on Eid night of a horrific and terrible massacre against the Abu Youssef family, which claimed the lives of 14 martyrs.

He stressed that the occupation is still carrying out its criminal and military actions since the morning of Eid, with its warplanes flying over the Gaza Strip and its tanks firing missiles continuously, in clear disregard for the feelings of Muslims and the feelings of our Palestinian people.

America’s Responsibility

 He placed the blame on "the international community, which has failed to put an end to this war for more than three times, as well as the occupation, which is still committing the crime of genocide against civilians, children, women, and displaced persons."

He also blamed "the American administration and President Biden personally, as they are still giving the occupation the green light, weapons, and military equipment, and they are participating and engaging in the crime of genocide against the Palestinians."

The government media office in Gaza called on “all countries of the free world to stop this criminal war... by all means and methods, and to put pressure on the criminal occupation to stop its continued aggression against everything that is Palestinian and to stop the ongoing war of ethnic cleansing.”

Eid Prayers on Ruins  

Today, Wednesday, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip performed Eid al-Fitr prayers on the ruins of mosques destroyed by the occupation army, in the shelter schools to which they were displaced, and in public squares in the rain.

During its ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip since October 7, the occupation destroyed 229 mosques completely and 297 mosques partially, according to the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa).

Resistance continues to crush the enemy

For the 187th day in a row, the “Al-Qassam Brigades,” the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), continues to confront the Zionist forces penetrating into several areas of Gaza.

Al-Qassam announced, at dawn on Wednesday, that it and the “Mujahideen Brigades” had destroyed enemy forces’ concentrations southwest of Gaza City with mortar shells.

 Biden Intensifies Criticism of Netanyahu


In an interview broadcast on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden considered the policy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Gaza to be “wrong,” and called for a ceasefire.

Biden's comments are among his strongest criticism of Netanyahu so far, amid growing tension over the high death toll among civilians due to the Zionist war on Gaza and the difficult conditions inside the Strip.

Biden told the American Spanish-language network “Univision” when asked about Netanyahu’s handling of the war, “I think what he is doing is wrong.” “I don’t agree with his approach.”

Biden reiterated during the interview that the killing of seven aid workers last week in an “Israeli” raid in Gaza, working for a US-based charity, was “terrible.”

Biden's statements regarding the ceasefire represent a shift from his previous statements in which he said that the burden falls on Hamas to agree to a truce and an agreement to release prisoners, according to what was reported by the French news agency.