Day 186 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza Featured

Zionist Occupation Continues Destructive Genocide War on Gaza Strip

• Zionist occupation continues its destructive war on Gaza for 186 consecutive days.
• The occupation has targeted homes, hospitals, medical staff, patients, journalists, and displaced people.
• The Ministry of Health reported 153 deaths and 60 injuries in Zionist bombings targeting various areas in the Gaza Strip.
• The death toll has risen to 33,360 martyrs and 75,993 injuries since October 7.
• In Rafah, martyr Buthaina Muhammad Al-Najjar was killed in a drone bombing.
• Medical teams recovered 381 bodies of martyrs in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza.
• In Khan Yunis, hundreds of citizens returned to their homes after the occupation withdrew.
• Rescue crews continue to recover the bodies of martyrs from Khan Yunis and the Shifa Medical Complex.
• In the Central Governorate, the occupation army blew up residential squares in Deir Al-Balah, Al-Masdar, and Al-Maghazi.
• The occupation continues its barbaric bombing of all areas of the Gaza Strip.