Day 178 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza Featured

As Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” enters its 178th day, while the Palestinian resistance continues to confront enemy forces, the Zionist occupation continues to commit the crime of genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Targeting “Eilat”

The occupation army announced, at dawn on Monday, that a building in the city of Eilat, south of the occupied territories, was damaged in a drone attack.

A statement by the occupation army said, “One of the buildings was slightly damaged in a drone attack in Eilat, but there were no casualties in the incident,” according to what was reported by Hebrew media.

The occupation army added that its soldiers identified “a suspicious air target that entered Israeli territory from the east and landed in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) area.”

Hebrew media reported that a drone targeted a “naval base in Eilat,” according to the Palestinian Information Center.

Meanwhile, the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” claimed responsibility for the attack, in a statement.

“Al-Shifa Medical” Massacre

Medical sources reported that hundreds of bodies of martyrs were found in Al-Shifa Medical Complex and in the streets and roads surrounding it, west of Gaza City.

The sources confirmed that the buildings of the Al-Shifa Complex were burned and completely out of service, noting that the extent of the destruction in the complex and surrounding buildings was very large.

The occupation forces withdrew completely from the Shifa complex at dawn on Monday after a two-week operation during which the occupation forces launched a massive attack on the complex and its surrounding areas.

The government media office in Gaza said, in a press statement: The “Israeli” occupation army committed crimes of destroying, burning, and targeting 1,050 homes in the vicinity of the Shifa Medical Complex, killing more than 400 martyrs, and arresting and torturing hundreds of patients, displaced people, and medical staff inside and around the complex.

The Gaza Civil Defense spokesman indicated that the majority of the bodies were decomposed, and some were skeletons, as a result of being burned inside the Al-Shifa Complex.

While the occupation forces admitted that they killed 200 Palestinians, arrested 500 others, and detained about 900 people and subjected them to investigation during their storming of the Shifa Medical Complex in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza appealed to all international and international institutions and the international community to make efforts to restart Nasser Hospital and provide protection to health institutions.

They also said that the absence of Nasser Hospital from service is   a severe blow to the health service, which has shrunk to its lowest levels and deprives patients of access to therapeutic services, especially after the loss of the bulk of services in the northern Gaza Strip.

For its part, the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” said that the horrific crime that unfolded on Monday morning, after the occupation army withdrew from the “Al-Shifa” complex and its surroundings in Gaza, “confirms the nature of this fascist entity rogue from the values of civilization and humanity.”

In a statement, Hamas held “the American administration and President Biden personally fully responsible for the crimes, massacres, and systematic destruction of civilian life in the Gaza Strip that have occurred and are occurring.”

Hamas pointed out that at the top of that is “the health sector and hospitals, which is done with American weapons, and all forms of military and political support and assistance.”

They stressed that the extent of the destruction and killing in which the enemy excels. This does not mean achieving any victory over the will of our people as they cling to their land and identity. This barbaric attack on the Gaza Strip once again confirms the reality of what the enemy seeks to push our people to emigrate from their land in implementation of his plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The movement called on the international community and the United Nations to “condemn this terrible crime committed by the criminal Zionist enemy against the Al-Shifa Complex, its surroundings, and the citizens therein, and we call on them to take immediate action to enter Gaza City and see the extent of the crime to which it was subjected.”

It also called on “international judicial bodies, especially the International Criminal Court, to begin actual procedures to investigate the crimes and atrocities that occurred in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings... and to implement their assigned mission to hold the leaders of this entity accountable and bring them to justice.”

Failed infiltration into Gaza

 The Home Front in the Gaza Strip revealed the infiltration of officers and soldiers from the General Intelligence Service in Ramallah on an official mission under direct orders from the Palestinian General Intelligence Service's head, Major General Majid Faraj, in what it described as an intelligence operation.

The Front confirmed that the security services in Gaza dealt with these elements, arresting 10 of them and foiling the plan for which they came.

She said that their goal was to create a state of confusion and chaos among the ranks of the home front, and that they infiltrated with security from the Israeli Shin Bet and the enemy army after an agreement was reached between the two parties in their meeting in one of the Arab capitals last week.

Hamas stressed that “everyone who dares to play in a square that only serves the occupation will be struck with an iron fist.”

New Death Toll from the Occupation army

The number of soldiers and officers killed by the Palestinian resistance has risen since the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

The occupation army said that a soldier from the 77th Battalion, named Nadav Cohen, who held the rank of sergeant, was killed in the battles of the Gaza Strip during the last hours, thus bringing the number of deaths in the occupation army since October 7 to 600 soldiers and officers.

Of these, 264 were killed since the start of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip in late October.