3 Most Infamous Robberies by the Zionists in Palestine Featured

By Saif Bakir March 27, 2024 2710

Allah (SWT) described the Jews in the Quran with several derogatory qualities, mentioning that they say, “That is because they say, 'There is no blame upon us concerning the unlearned.'” (Aal-Imran: 75). Meaning: There is no harm to us if we take their wealth, usurp their rights, and prey on them. They have also mentioned this in their plans, saying: “The Gentiles (non-Jews) are like a herd of sheep, and we are the wolves. Do you know what sheep do when wolves penetrate the barn?”

Israel Shahak, the Israeli researcher, in his book “Jewish Religion and its Attitude to Non-Jews,” indicates that Jewish law permits Jews to steal from non-Jews. He said: “The theft of a Jew from a non-Jew is not prohibited without any reservation, but is only prohibited in certain cases, such as when there is no consideration under our rule, and it is permitted if they are under our rule.”

In the “Book of Exodus,” after Pharaoh of Egypt allowed the Jews to leave and head to the land of Canaan (Palestine), Moses, encouraged by his Lord Yahweh, told them to deceive the Egyptians and steal from them gold and silver, even though they lived with them for over four hundred years. It is mentioned in this text: “Finally, Pharaoh gives in and allows the departure of all the children of Israel with their livestock and cattle and all their possessions. Before they left their homes, Moses told them to borrow from their neighbors silver and gold tools and clothes, and the Lord adorned for the Egyptians the lending of their Jewish neighbors, so they gave them what they asked for. Thus, the Israelites stole from the Egyptians and left under the cover of night, and their stay in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years.”

Thus, “Israel” is an entity originally based on theft, usurping land, identity, geography, and heritage.

Here are the most prominent theft incidents carried out by “Israel” against the Palestinian people since occupying the Palestinian lands:


  1. Stealing History and Heritage:

With the arrival of the British Herbert Samuel, the first High Commissioner for Palestine, in 1920, he erased the names of 20 Palestinian villages, replacing them with Jewish ones. Then came David Ben-Gurion, the first Zionist Prime Minister, who completed the series of renaming Palestinian villages in an attempt to obliterate the original identity landmarks.

After the “Oslo Accords” in 1993, the occupation seized more than 85% of the archaeological sites in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. Dozens of areas were registered with “UNESCO” as belonging to the occupation, compared to only three Palestinian areas.

The “Israeli” researcher “Gish Amit” revealed in 2009 a section in the “Israeli” National Library under the name “Abandoned Property,” containing thousands of Arabic books looted from the homes and libraries of Palestinian residents who were displaced or expelled from their homes in West Jerusalem during the Nakba. This inspired the “Israeli” director Benny Brunner to create his famous movie “The Great Book Robbery!”

Following Bruner's film, the Arab League called on the Arab world and the international community to act to save Palestinian cultural heritage after the massive theft carried out by the Haganah gangs of private and public libraries in Palestine during the 1947 aggression, estimated at 70,000 documents and books.

Meanwhile, the Zionist entity holds a massive archive of Palestine, with this process beginning with the looting of the Jewish Agency for official British archives, which colonized Palestine in 1917.

The agencies’ units collected comprehensive, detailed, and accurate files on hundreds of Palestinian villages in the early 1930s, followed by hundreds of thousands of documents detailing the massacres committed by Zionist gangs in every Palestinian village, neighborhood, and city during the Nakba War, with only dozens of them being revealed.

Here are some of the libraries that have been subjected to theft, looting, and destruction by the occupation since 1948 until 2009:

  • Sheikh As'ad Shukeiri Library in Acre.
  • Hajj Ragheb al-Khaldi Library in Jaffa.
  • The writer Ajjaj Nuwayhid Library in Jerusalem.
  • Khalil al-Sakakini Library, which was fully transferred to the Hebrew University.
  • Scholar Ishaq Musa al-Husseini Library, which housed around 4000 books and manuscripts.
  • Palestinian writer Muhammad Is'af al-Nashashibi Library.
  • Al-Khaliliyah Library in Jerusalem, founded by Sheikh Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Khalili, contained 7,000 books and manuscripts.
  • Darwish Arif Al-Dabbagh (from Jaffa) Library, known for his interest in heritage, is estimated to have around 30,000 volumes, other than his own works and his poet brother’s Ibrahim al-Dabbagh.

The occupation forces also managed to steal important electronic documents from the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque related to the properties and endowments of occupied Jerusalem and its lands.

Hassan Khater, the head of the International Jerusalem Center, confirmed that the occupation authorities had stolen historical and important documents from the mosque's archive, noting that these documents are related to Islamic endowments in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In conjunction with what Gaza has been witnessing in terms of war and massacres since October 7, 2023, the Zionists are stealing Palestinian symbols associated with the resistance. The spokesman for the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, posted a video in which he said, “My blood is Palestinian” instead of “Israeli,” while some Zionists posted pictures of Palestinian bread on social media with the comment, “our ancestors' bread,” claiming that bread and chickpeas are mentioned in the Torah!

The occupation also attempted to produce a new “keffiyeh” (scarf), stealing its features from the Palestinian one but with different colors. These thefts were exported to the West, which colluded with the occupation in acknowledging them without examining their ownership rights.


2- Stealing Money and Property:

But it didn't stop there; there is also what can be described as the systematic theft of the Gazans' money. The Hebrew newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” pointed out that since the beginning of the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, the army has seized 5 million shekels, which were transferred to the financial department of the Ministry of Defense!

The Gaza Government Media Office stated that the occupation army has stolen gold and money from the Gaza Strip, estimated at around $25 million, since October 7th of last year.

The office mentioned in a statement that it has documented dozens of testimonies from Gaza residents about the occupation army soldiers stealing money, gold, and jewelry valued at 90 million shekels (over $24.5 million) in the past 92 days.

The statement clarified that the thefts occurred in various ways, with the first being at checkpoints, such as Salah al-Din Street, where they stole from displaced people who had fled from northern Gaza to the south, taking their bags containing their valuables such as money, gold, and jewelry.

The second method, according to the government office, involved looting houses whose residents were asked to leave. They took commemorative photos and videos of these crimes, some of which were posted on their social media accounts, as happened in the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

3- Stealing the Dead Bodies:

The government media office clarified that the occupation army stole around 150 bodies of Palestinian martyrs buried in the Tuffah neighborhood cemetery east of Gaza City. They dug them up from their graves and deported them to an unknown location, raising suspicions of another crime: the theft of the martyrs' organs.

The government media emphasized that the occupation repeated this crime more than once. The latest incident involved the return of 80 bodies of martyrs, which were stolen from Gaza and North Gaza governorates after being tampered with, and then returned disfigured and buried in Rafah. The bodies showed signs of disfigurement, indicating the occupation's theft of vital organs from these martyrs' bodies.

In 2009, Hebrew media outlets revealed that the occupation state possessed the world's largest bank of human skin. Years later, the director of the “Israeli” Skin Bank informed “Channel 10” in March 2014 that the bank's skin reserves amounted to approximately 170 square meters.



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