Day 161 of The Israeli Genocide in Gaza.. Prominent Updates Featured


On the 161st day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks, causing devastation in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations also warned about the potential invasion of the Rafah area in southern Gaza.

Attacks on Civilians

The Israeli warplanes bombed areas where people were waiting for aid, leading to casualties. The government media office in Gaza reported five massacres in two days, resulting in 56 deaths and 300 injuries.

The Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, retaliated by targeting Israeli soldiers. The clashes between the resistance and the Israeli forces continued in different parts of Gaza.

Possible Invasion of Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved plans for a military operation in Rafah. This decision raised concerns about a potential massacre in the densely populated city.

International Reactions

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant warned about the consequences of the ongoing conflict. The tension between Washington and Tel Aviv also escalated, with US President Joe Biden expressing concerns about the situation.

Humanitarian Aid

Despite the violence, the first aid ship arrived in Gaza, providing much-needed supplies. The aid included food items like rice, flour, and canned vegetables, which were unloaded under international supervision.

Hamas Proposal

Hamas presented a ceasefire and prisoner exchange proposal, but Israel deemed it unrealistic. The proposal outlined a three-stage ceasefire plan, but the negotiations are ongoing.

Developments in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Resistance factions vowed to confront the forces and protect their territories.

Northern Front

Lebanese Hezbollah targeted Israeli soldiers and sites in southern Lebanon, while Israeli aircraft conducted raids in the region. The conflict in the northern front remains intense.

Source: Agencies