Abu Ubaida: No Deal without Ceasefire; POWs’ Lives at Risk From Famine Featured


 Abu Ubaida's Concerns

Abu Ubaida, the spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, which is the military arm of Hamas, recently spoke out about the dire situation in Gaza. He mentioned that the famine affecting Gaza has now reached the prisoners of the Israeli occupation. Some of these prisoners are facing serious health issues due to lack of food and medicine.

Deception in Negotiations

Abu Ubaida also addressed the ongoing ceasefire negotiations, stating that the occupation government is not being honest. He emphasized that for any deal to be made, the aggression must stop, forces must withdraw, displaced persons must return, and reconstruction must begin.

Double Standards

American Administration's Response

Abu Ubaida criticized the American administration for showing concern over a small number of Israeli prisoners while ignoring the suffering of the Palestinian people. He called out their double standards and lack of regard for human rights.

Barbaric Aggression

Abu Ubaida revealed that the occupation had planned its aggressive actions before the events of October 7th. He stated that the Palestinian people responded to this aggression with the October 7th epic, standing up against attempts to Judaize and destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Call to Action

Abu Ubaida urged Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and occupied Palestine to stand up and protect Al-Aqsa. He also called on Muslims worldwide to mobilize and confront the occupation's arrogance.

Source: Al Jazeera