Prominent Updates on the 148th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

By Gamal Khattab March 03, 2024 2337

Continuing Aggression

On the 148th day of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, more tragic events unfolded. The occupation forces bombed crowds of Palestinians waiting for aid, causing more devastation in Jabalia and Rafah.

Humanitarian Crisis

The situation in Gaza worsened as the hunger crisis deepened. The US and Jordanian Air Force conducted joint air drops of aid, but the number of children dying from malnutrition at Kamal Adwan Hospital rose to 13.

On the Ground

The Israeli army faced resistance from Palestinian fighters, resulting in casualties on both sides. Negotiations for an exchange deal between Israel and Hamas were underway, while families of Israeli detainees protested in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Escalation in the West Bank

Violence continued in the West Bank, with Hezbollah launching attacks on Israeli sites. The Israeli army retaliated by bombing a car in southern Lebanon.


Tragic Losses

11 Palestinians were killed in a raid near Tal Al-Sultan Maternity Hospital, while 20 others lost their lives in a bombing in Jabalia. The occupation forces committed 10 massacres in the last 24 hours, resulting in 92 deaths and 156 injuries.

Flour Massacre

The Ministry of Health reported 118 deaths and 760 injuries from the recent flour massacre. The occupation forces opened fire on crowds waiting for aid near the Nabulsi roundabout, causing more casualties.

Call for Investigation

The European Union called for an international investigation into the flour massacre, condemning the unjustified violence against civilians. They urged Israel to comply with international law and allow humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

Child Deaths and Aid Drops

Children at Kamal Adwan Hospital continued to suffer from malnutrition and lack of medicine, with 13 deaths reported. The US and Jordan conducted air drops of aid packages, including meals but no medicines or water.

Occupation Losses

The Israeli army suffered casualties in battles with Palestinian resistance fighters. The Al-Qassam Brigades claimed to have killed and injured Israeli soldiers and destroyed tanks in Khan Yunis.

Battles in Al-Zaytoun

Fierce battles between the Qassam Brigades and Israeli forces took place in the Zaytoun neighborhood. The resistance fighters captured a reconnaissance plane and destroyed tanks, showcasing their determination to defend Gaza.

Horrific Testimonies

A Palestinian detainee shared her harrowing experience in Israeli prisons, detailing the mistreatment and intimidation tactics used by the occupation forces.

Israeli Human Rights Violations

An Israeli human rights organization reported that the Israeli Prison Service and army have been given the freedom to mistreat detainees as they see fit.

First Demonstration Inside the Green Line

The town of Kafr Kanna saw the first protest inside the Green Line since the start of the conflict in Gaza. The march demanded an end to the war and the starvation policy against civilians in Gaza.

Restrictions During Ramadan

The demonstration also protested against restrictions on Palestinians inside the Green Line during Ramadan and their inability to reach Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Cairo Negotiations

Hamas and Israeli delegations are set to arrive in Cairo for indirect negotiations to reach a ceasefire agreement.

March of Detainees' Families

Thousands of Israelis marched in Jerusalem to demand the release of prisoners held by Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza since October 7.

Gantz's Actions

Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz will meet with US Vice President Kamala Harris without coordinating with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, causing tension.

Violence in the West Bank

A 13-year-old Palestinian child was killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank. Raids and arrests continued in various cities and towns.

Clashes in Jenin Camp

Armed clashes erupted between Palestinian security services and resistance fighters in the Jenin camp during an attempt to arrest a former prisoner.

Global Demonstrations

Countries around the world, including France, Britain, Germany, and Japan, held protests against the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Sources: Al Jazeera