Gaza's Heroic Resistance Terrorizes the Zionists amidst Relentless Massacres

By Mohammed Salem February 24, 2024 2720

The Zionist occupation continues its genocides against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the fourth month in a row, resulting in the martyrdom, injury, and loss of around 100,000 people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. This is happening amidst ground, air, and sea bombardments that have targeted most areas of the Strip, causing the destruction of approximately 70% of Palestinian homes and structures. These actions are part of the scorched-earth policy executed by the Zionists, aiming to displace Palestinians, as stated by ministers in the Zionist government.

“Al-Mujtama” received a copy of the statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, where it emphasized that the Zionist occupation, which is advancing on multiple fronts in the Gaza Strip, has committed over 2,000 collective massacres against entire Palestinian families by targeting residential neighborhoods and squares with airstrikes, collapsing them on the heads of their inhabitants. Since the beginning of the aggression, this has led to the martyrdom of around 26,000 Palestinians, injuring around 63,000, and losing 8,000 under the rubble of destroyed homes. Let alone, thousands have been arrested, according to data from the Palestinian Prisoner Club.

 The occupation carried out more than 2,000 mass massacres against Palestinian families

 The Palestinian Ministry of Health noted that the ongoing “Israeli” aggression deliberately and systematically targets hospitals, especially those in the southern Gaza Strip, including Nasser Medical Hospital in Khan Yunis and Al-Amal Hospital. The ministry warned of a repeat of the scenario that occurred in Al-Shifa Hospital's massacre happening again in Nasser Medical Hospital.

On another note, Raed al-Nems, the Palestinian Red Crescent spokesperson, affirmed to “Al-Mujtama” that the health situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic, especially in Khan Yunis, which is subjected to continuous bombings by air, land, and sea. He mentioned that the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in Khan Yunis was bombed by the Zionists, causing the displacement of thousands of Palestinians who sought refuge in the headquarters to escape the bombings and missile shrapnel scattered throughout the city. At the same time, he confirmed that the northern Gaza Strip is experiencing a health disaster due to the collapse of the entire healthcare system in that area, where children suffer from hunger and thirst.


A Disastrous Famine

Palestinian reports have documented the complete destruction and bombing by the occupation forces of residential neighborhoods in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip and the Maghazi refugee camp in the center of the Strip. The ruthless occupation has caused the displacement of nearly two million Palestinians from their homes, concentrating them in the cities of Deir al-Balah in the center of the Strip and Rafah in the south, under harsh humanitarian conditions that have reached the point of famine, according to the media office of the Gaza government.

The office pointed out that 400,000 Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip are experiencing a genuine famine, with a complete depletion of food supplies weeks ago. Additionally, there is a health disaster, as all hospitals in the northern part of the Gaza Strip have stopped working due to the deliberate and systematic destruction of health facilities. This destruction is part of a policy aimed at killing as many Palestinians as possible and using the scorched-earth policy to prevent Palestinians from returning to their homes within the framework of Zionist practices and plans for displacement carried out on the ground.

 Gaza Awqaf Ministry: 1000 mosques out of 1200 destroyed in the Strip

 Preliminary Palestinian statistics from government ministries and institutions indicate that over 70,000 residential units have been completely destroyed, with approximately 300,000 severely affected due to Zionist bombings. Cities and camps, such as Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia, Sheikh Zayed, Al-Zahraa, Rimal, Shejaiya, and extensive parts of the Maghazi, Bureij, Nuseirat camps, and Deir al-Balah, were almost entirely destroyed. Additionally, entire towns in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip were destroyed. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf, 1,000 mosques out of 1,200 were destroyed in outrageous attacks on places of worship. The aggression forced around 1.4 million Palestinians to flee to Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, facing harsh humanitarian conditions of hunger and freezing cold.


The Legendary Resistance

Despite the heinous Zionist crimes, the genocidal war, and the internationally prohibited weapons used by the occupation, the Palestinian resistance demonstrated resilience and heroic epics in all confrontation zones with the enemy forces. They inflicted severe losses, especially in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip and the Maghazi camp in the center. According to the “Al-Qassam Brigades” statements, the resistance successfully set up well-organized ambushes, detonated explosive devices, and launched anti-tank missiles, resulting in the killing and injury of dozens of Zionist soldiers.

Even the Zionist media acknowledged facing significant losses in the Maghazi camp and Khan Yunis, leading to the deaths of 24 Zionist soldiers in less than 24 hours. This followed the explosion of several buildings where an engineering unit was located in the Maghazi camp, according to the occupation. The Zionists recognized the difficulty and bitterness of the battles in Gaza with the Palestinian resistance, stating that what happened in Khan Yunis and Maghazi represented one of the toughest days of the conflict since the beginning of the aggression. This acknowledgment confirms the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance despite not having supply lines for weapons like the Zionists, who received military aid from colonial powers through air bridges to kill children and women in Gaza.

 The resistance inflicted severe losses on the occupation in Khan Yunis and Maghazi Camp

The city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip has shown legendary resistance and resilience against the Zionists through its resistance's steadfastness against Israeli tanks, which implemented the scorched-earth policy by destroying the towns of Abasan, Bani Suheila, Al-Qarara, and Ma'an. This was an attempt to break the will of the resistance. The Zionist media even acknowledged the fierceness of the battle in Khan Yunis, highlighting the success of the resistance in destroying dozens of military vehicles and causing casualties and injuries among the Zionist soldiers. These soldiers, according to local Palestinian sources, carried out acts of killing and genocide in the city. Even its hospitals and health centers were not spared from the bombings and massacres, forcing medical teams to bury 40 martyrs in a mass grave in the courtyard of Nasser Medical Hospital due to the blockade and Zionist shelling preventing proper burials in cemeteries.

Mohammed Al-Amayra, a resident of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, whose two brothers were martyred in a genocide operation near the northern entrance of Jabalia Camp, recounted to “Al-Mujtama” that approximately 150 displaced individuals were removed from inside Aleppo School, affiliated with the “UNRWA.” About 200 meters from the school, Zionist tanks unleashed a barrage of shells towards them, resulting in the martyrdom of them all.

He pointed out that the occupation prevented ambulances from approaching for three weeks, leaving them on the ground all along in a fully-fledged crime, confirming that he does not know where his two brothers were buried!



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