Prominent Updates on the 139rd Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 23, 2024 2139

Today is the 139th day of the ongoing aggression in Gaza, where the Israeli occupation continues its aggressive actions, resulting in casualties and injuries, especially in Rafah and Khan Yunis. International relief agencies are warning of a potential disaster in the region.
Demoletioning Mosques
Reports from Al Jazeera indicate that Israel destroyed Al-Farouq Mosque in Al-Shaboura camp, causing extensive damage to the mosque and nearby houses. Additionally, Israeli aircraft targeted 5 other mosques, resulting in the deaths of 6 Palestinians, injuries to others, and displacement of many.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the Israeli army is preparing a plan to evacuate residents of Rafah with the goal of eliminating the Hamas movement and securing the release of hostages.
Court Hearings
At the International Court of Justice in The Hague, several countries denounced the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and its violation of international law. Representatives from China, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Kuwait expressed their concerns during the ongoing hearings.
The court sessions, based on a United Nations resolution, began last Monday and will continue for a week. China's spokesperson emphasized that armed resistance is a right for colonized peoples and criticized Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.
American Messages Regarding the Deal
US envoy Brett McGurk urged Israel to reach an agreement with Hamas and participate in talks in Paris. The US administration sees the need for a prisoner exchange deal, especially with Ramadan approaching. Israel is expected to send a delegation to the Paris talks to negotiate terms.
Operation in Jerusalem
An Israeli soldier was killed and 8 others were injured in an operation near Maale Adumim settlement. The Israeli police neutralized the attackers, and the General Security Service identified the perpetrators from Bethlehem and Za'atara.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the operation as a response to Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank. Meanwhile, Israeli Settlement Minister Orit Struck denied the existence of a Palestinian people and rejected the idea of a Palestinian state.
The Houthis Escalate the Attack
Abdul Malik al-Houthi announced an escalation of attacks in response to Israeli actions in Gaza. The Houthis targeted ships in various regions and introduced submarine weapons into their operations. They also disrupted maritime traffic, affecting the economy of their enemies.
Reuters reported that the Houthis banned ships owned by Israeli, American, or British entities from passing through certain regions. American and British forces conducted airstrikes in western Yemen in response to Houthi activities.