Prominent Updates on the 126th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 10, 2024 1649


Israeli Aggression Continues

On the 126th day of the war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army committed 13 massacres, resulting in the deaths of 107 people and injuring 142 others. This brings the total number of deaths since October to 27,947, with 67,459 people injured.

The Israeli forces have been relentlessly bombing different areas of the Gaza Strip. The attacks have been particularly intense in Khan Yunis and Rafah.

Since Friday morning, Khan Yunis has been under continuous raids and artillery shelling, resulting in 12 deaths and several injuries.

In Rafah, Israeli aircraft targeted two homes, killing 8 Palestinians, including women and children.

Famine Crisis in Gaza

The government media office in Gaza has warned about the worsening famine crisis in the northern Gaza governorate. Supplies of flour, rice, and other food items have run out, leaving citizens without enough to eat. There is also a shortage of grains and animal feed.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has stated that Gaza is currently facing the worst levels of malnutrition in the world. They emphasize the urgent need for water, shelter, and food for civilians.

Israeli Plan for a Military Operation in Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah and crush the Islamic Resistance Movement. This has raised concerns about the safety of hundreds of thousands of displaced Gazans who have sought refuge in Rafah.

International Warnings

International leaders have expressed their concerns about the potential Israeli operation in Rafah. Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Edda warned that it could lead to a bloodbath and worsen the humanitarian situation. The United Nations also highlighted the difficulty of protecting civilians in Rafah due to its high population density.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stated that an Israeli attack on Rafah would have catastrophic consequences and further worsen the humanitarian crisis.

Resistance Operations

The military wings of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movement have been engaged in clashes with Israeli soldiers. The Al-Qassam Brigades reported successfully targeting occupation soldiers with an explosive device, resulting in the deaths of 7 soldiers. The Al-Quds Brigades also reported fierce clashes with Israeli soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip.

South Lebanon Front

From Lebanon, missiles were launched towards Israeli positions in the Galilee finger. Some of these missiles were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome defense system.

Biden, Sisi, and the Rafah Crossing

US President Joe Biden revealed that he convinced Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to open the Rafah crossing for humanitarian supplies into Gaza. The Egyptian presidency confirmed that the crossing has been open without restrictions since the beginning of the war.

Exchange Deal and Cairo Negotiations

An Israeli delegation is set to arrive in Cairo to discuss a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas. The first phase of the agreement is expected to be the focus of the negotiations.

Hamas leaders have discussed their position on a ceasefire agreement with mediators in Cairo and are awaiting Israel's response. Israel has rejected some of Hamas' demands and expressed readiness to negotiate based on the original proposal from Paris.

Attacks and Incursions in the West Bank

In occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces attacked Palestinian youths near Lions Gate, preventing some Palestinians from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque for prayers. Settlers also stormed several villages and towns, attacking farmers and shepherds.

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club reported that at least 15 Palestinians have been arrested in the West Bank, bringing the total number of detainees since October to about 6,940.

Biden Criticizes Israel

In a surprise speech, President Biden criticized the Israeli response in Gaza, stating that he had pressured Prime Minister Netanyahu to deliver humanitarian aid. He expressed concern for the innocent people, especially women and children, who are starving and in desperate need of assistance.

 Demonstrations in Support of Gaza

People from all over the world have been showing their support for Gaza through demonstrations. Here are some of the highlights:

Arab Cities

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Al-Manara Square in Ramallah to protest against the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza. In Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, people also demonstrated to denounce the Israeli aggression. Jordanians joined in as well, protesting near the northern crossing that connects with Israel.


In Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, a massive demonstration took place in Al-Sabeen Square. People gathered to show their support for the Palestinian people and the resistance in Gaza. Other cities in Yemen also witnessed similar demonstrations.


After Friday prayers, thousands of Moroccans held vigils in various cities across the country. They stood in solidarity with Palestine and demanded action against Israel to stop the war. Cities like Kenitra, Khenifra, Taza, Berkane, Agadir, and El Jadida all participated in these vigils.

United Kingdom

British activists organized protests on the "Movement for Gaza" day. Their goal was to put pressure on the UK government to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Source: Agencies