Hebrew media: Israel War Government Used the Army for Political Goals in Gaza Featured


According to Hebrew media, analysts and former Israeli officials are criticizing the war government for involving the army in the Gaza Strip to achieve special political goals. Additionally, a family member of the prisoners claims that there is systematic incitement against them.

The Government's Role

Eran Etzion, a former Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council, believes that Israel is strategically trapped in Gaza with no way out. He argues that the current government is not capable of leading the army or the state towards victory. Etzion further explains that the government's failure to set strategic political goals from the beginning has harmed Israel's progress in the war.

Internal Conflicts

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman highlights the lack of unity within the war government. He points out the intense disagreements between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and war council member Benny Gantz. Lieberman expresses his astonishment at the level of conflict, stating that he has never witnessed anything like it before. He emphasizes the need to address the situation on the Lebanese border.

Political Campaigns

Rabbi Aryeh, a leader in the "For a Jewish Identity" organization, accuses government members of prioritizing their election campaigns over the war effort. He claims that they are intentionally fueling disputes within Israeli society instead of focusing on finding a solution. Rabbi Aryeh believes that the government should listen to former military leaders who advocate for ending the war.

Incitement Against Prisoners' Families

Danny Elgart, the brother of one of the prisoners, reveals that there is an ongoing incitement campaign against the families. They are being wrongly accused and blamed for the situation. Elgart shares a distressing incident where someone shouted at him in the street, suggesting that the captives should be bombed to resolve the problem.

Source: Al Jazeera