Is America Violating Its Laws by Sending Weapons to Israel? Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 26, 2023 4636


The Situation in Gaza

According to Fox, there have been some serious incidents happening in Gaza. Israeli attacks have resulted in the deaths of three Israeli prisoners, two women inside a church, and 11 unarmed Palestinians in front of their families. These events have caused international concern about Israel's actions towards civilians in Gaza.

American Aid to Israel

Despite these troubling events, the United States, led by President Joe Biden, has continued to provide aid to Israel. This aid includes weapons and amounts to about $3.8 billion every year. Some people think that this goes against American laws that are meant to protect human rights.

Josh Polis's Perspective

Josh Polis, a former State Department official, believes that the United States is too lenient when it comes to potential human rights violations by Israel. He thinks that America should take stronger actions to hold Israel accountable.

The "Leahy Law"

One law that has been getting attention is called the "Leahy Law." This law was passed by Congress in 1997 and aims to prevent the United States from supporting foreign security forces that commit serious crimes. If the United States has reliable information that a specific unit has committed a serious crime, aid to that unit should be cut off.

Concerns about Applying the Law to Israel

Some experts argue that the United States is not doing enough to ensure that aid to Israel is not used to violate human rights. They believe that the "Leahy Law" should be applied to Israel, especially considering the high number of civilian deaths in Gaza.

Current Aid and Future Plans

Currently, President Biden wants Congress to approve an additional $14.3 billion in aid to Israel. This aid would be part of a larger package that also includes aid to Ukraine. However, some people are concerned that this aid is being given without enough conditions to protect human rights.

Expectations for Israel

The United States expects Israel to follow international humanitarian law and to review its strikes in advance. However, some experts believe that the existing legal conditions are not enough to hold Israel accountable for its actions.

  Is America violating its laws by sending weapons to Israel?  Some people think that America should do more to protect human rights, while America believes that the current aid is necessary due to the long-standing relationship between the two countries. 

Source: Fox