Resistance Exposé to Arab Zionist Lobby! Featured

By Dr.. Abdullah Faraj Allah December 11, 2023 3981


Many questions are circulating in Arab and Islamic circles, both among elites and the public. What changed after the so-called urgent Arab-Islamic summit, despite being several weeks late? It eventually took place, after much anticipation. We thought this was it; later is better than never! Just to be surprised by the series of substandard decisions failing to address the grave war crimes against the people of Gaza. Unfortunately, this summit combined two calamities: the delay and the outcome, exposing the summit's shameful stance.

Could the cause of these disgraceful decisions be the threat issued by “Benjamin Netanyahu,” the occupation’s prime minister, at the summit before its convening? He openly and clearly commanded them: “Arab leaders, who worry about their future and the future of the Middle East, are only required to stay silent. I say one thing to them: you must stay silent and stand up against 'Hamas.' It only brought two things to the Gaza Strip: poverty and blood. 'Hamas' is an integral part of the terror axis that endangers the whole world and the whole Arab world. I am sure that many leaders of Arab countries are aware of this.”

In truth, personally, I am not sure about the reason that made this 'Netanyahu' certain about what he claimed—that many Arab leaders are aware of and agree with what this “piece of dirt” says about "Hamas" and that the desire to eliminate it is a common wish among them.

The problem, in my opinion, lies not only in this common awareness or mutual desire but in this condescending discourse, a discourse of command and prohibition in which this “Netanyahu” addressed Arab leaders.

The bitter reality is that the outcome of this summit was already anticipated before its convening for two reasons: hesitation in acknowledging it initially and delaying scheduling it secondarily. The writing was on the wall, as they say. Some analysts even went so far as to suggest that the intentional delay in its holding served its intended purpose of giving Israel a deadline extension to prolong its aggression until it eliminated the resistance in Gaza. Some have named this summit “the deadline summit to execute the mission.”

Despite the insignificance of what this summit produced, its outcome still did not see the light, and the fifty-seven Arab and Muslim countries did not even commit to implementing it. The blockade on Gaza is not lifted, destruction is not halted, the Arab-Islamic Egyptian-Palestinian Rafah crossing remains closed, humanitarian aid did not enter forcibly as stated in the resolution, and the killing and atrocities against civilians continue.

It's as if, through this brutality, it intended to respond to those who attempted to raise their demands at this summit, even though the bar of demands remained low and they did not adhere to the order they received, to commit to silence. This response indicates two things: first, that the occupation does not respect Arab leaders, neither in their summit nor in their decisions. Second, the occupation has a green light from many Arab leaders, mentioned in its speech, to go after the resistance in any form.

The Palestinian resistance in the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” which revealed its significant capabilities to perform heroic and unexpected operations, frightened the Zionist enemy and its followers in the region. This terror exposed an Arab-Zionist “lobby” entrenched in many facets of our nation, including regimes, governments, and media, as well as political and religious agencies.

While the streets of capitals worldwide, European, American, and others, are crowded with protesters rejecting this aggression, contradicting the directions of their governments in supporting and endorsing the Zionist occupation, many Arab regimes prevent their people from even expressing solidarity with their brethren in Gaza and even go so far as to arrest them. This lines with the requirements of “Commit to Silence,” and they have even held their festive celebrations, as if what’s happening in Gaza does not concern them in any way.

Statements strongly condemning what the Palestinian resistance did on October 7th have been issued by some Arab regimes, who, aware of what this “Netanyahu” knows about the Palestinian resistance, considered their actions barbaric and terrorist. At the same time, they remain silent when it comes to condemning the occupation’s atrocious war crimes against civilians!

Afterwards, these Arab regimes ordered their media, religious, political, and other agencies to come out of their hideouts and launch a systematic attack on the resistance in Gaza. Saying that this “criminal” resistance caused this destruction and killing in Gaza. This is only due to their ignorance of both the world and religion, their lack of understanding of the jurisprudence of priorities, and their failure to recognize the jurisprudence of jihad for the sake of Allah, starting with obedience to the ruler and ending with possessing equivalent strength to the enemy!

These preposterous voices emerged from their hideouts, shedding fake tears for the children, women, and elders of Gaza, mourning the destruction caused by the resistance! They criticized the resistance for not considering its own circumstances or those of its enemy and for not taking into account the consequences of its actions. Meanwhile, they left the criminal aggressor, who is bombarding Gaza with planes, tanks, artillery, and warships from air, land, and sea, without a single blame or condemnation.

When you want to understand the reason behind this hostility towards the Palestinian resistance, you won't find a convincing reason provided by these regimes. The Palestinian resistance has itself stayed away from any dispute with these Arab regimes, refraining from intervening in their internal affairs or using their countries as platforms for its activities. It respected the sovereignty of each Arab state, sought excuses for them, and, at the same time, acknowledged their least efforts, whether material or moral. After several attempts to understand, you come to the conclusion that these hostile stances, sadly, are requirements dictated by their Zionist commander: “Hamas is part of the terror axis!”

Even when it was mistreated by some Arab regimes, it maintained silence and tried, through constructive and calm dialogue, to reach suitable solutions. No Arab state or system in the history of this resistance, since its establishment, has been the target of its attacks. It did not criticize, explicitly and clearly, their silence, their inaction, or their slackness in supporting the Palestinian cause, out of respect for them and to avoid losing its Arab depth, the depth it ultimately relies on, regardless of the state of the ruling regimes. Despite this, they have placed the resistance on their classified terrorist lists. Why? Simply because these are the Zionist instructions: “Stand up against Hamas," meaning the resistance.

May Allah bless those who perceive the “Al-Aqsa Flood” as an exposing and blatant manifestation. In conclusion, I would like to express that the choice of the name “Al-Aqsa Flood” for this courageous and significant operation by the Palestinian resistance feels like divine guidance. I see it as a powerful flood, ablaze and revealing the corrupt, the feeble, the defeated, the hypocrites, and the traitors to our sacred causes. This revelation is brought forth by the forces of truth, resistance, jihad, martyrs, the prayers of orphans and widows, and the unwavering steadfastness of those who endure.

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