Serious Eye Injuries in 100 Israeli Soldiers During Gaza Battles Featured


About 100 Israeli soldiers got seriously hurt in their eyes because they didn't wear protective glasses during the battles in Gaza. This news was reported by the official media on Wednesday evening.

The Cause of Injuries

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority explained that these injuries happened because of explosions, gunshots, and flying pieces of metal. The soldiers didn't wear protective glasses that could have saved their eyes. Shockingly, 10 to 15% of these injuries caused blindness in one or both eyes.

Neglecting Safety

The Broadcasting Corporation mentioned that these soldiers didn't use protective glasses during their military activities. However, the occupation army denied that there was a shortage of glasses. They claimed to be working on increasing awareness campaigns among soldiers to encourage them to use protective eyewear.

Hospital Cases

Soroka Hospital in the city of Beersheba received 40 soldiers with eye injuries. In just the last three days, the hospital treated 5 soldiers with serious eye injuries who needed difficult surgeries.

Donation Campaign

Due to the high number of eye injuries among Israeli soldiers in Gaza, Soroka Hospital started a donation campaign to buy protective glasses for the soldiers.

Overall Toll

Since the beginning of the aggression on the Gaza Strip in October, the occupation army has suffered a total of 411 casualties, including 10 in the past 24 hours.

Source: Anadolu Agency