Hamas Denounces Biden's Accusations of Sexual Violence Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 06, 2023 2311


Hamas Responds to Biden's Accusations

Hamas, a group fighting for the rights of Palestinians, has strongly criticized US President Joe Biden for making false accusations against them. They believe that Biden is adopting the claims made by Israel to wrongly blame Hamas for committing acts of violence.

In a statement, Hamas expressed their disappointment with Biden's accusations, stating that it is an attempt to mislead the public. They argue that the resistance has treated detainees well and that Biden's repetition of these lies is just a way to cover up the crimes committed by Israel with American weapons.

Biden's Accusations

President Biden accused Hamas fighters of causing immense pain and suffering, particularly to women and girls. He condemned the claimed violence by Hamas and emphasized the need to hold them accountable!

Hamas responded by calling Biden's adoption of these accusations a moral failure. They believe that as a president, Biden should be objective and not repeat baseless accusations that align with the propaganda spread by Israel.

Hamas Calls for Accurate Reporting

Hamas has called on the international media to be accurate in their reporting and expose the falsehoods behind these Zionist allegations. They want the media to debunk the lies that have been spread, such as claims of beheading children or using hospitals as command centers for the resistance.

Scenes that Embarrassed Israel

During the handover of detainees in Gaza to the Red Cross, members of Hamas showed kindness towards children and the elderly. There were also scenes of Hamas fighters and Israeli prisoners waving goodbye to each other, which angered some Israeli officials.

Israeli television stations even quoted families saying that their detained relatives were treated well during their captivity and were not subjected to torture or ill-treatment.

Humanitarian Truce and Devastating War

A humanitarian truce between the Palestinian resistance factions and Israel recently ended. This truce, mediated by Qatar with support from Egypt and the United States, allowed for the exchange of prisoners and detainees and brought limited humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, where millions of Palestinians live.

For the past two months, the Israeli occupation army has been conducting a destructive war on Gaza, resulting in thousands of casualties and extensive damage to residential areas, important facilities, and hospitals.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies