Navigational Data: More than 160 Military Flights to Israel!

By Gamal Khattab November 30, 2023 3570


More than 160 military flights from NATO countries went to Israel between October 7 and November 27. 

Who Flew to Israel?

Data from the Radar Box website tells us that the US Air Force had the most flights, with over 35 trips to Israel. But they weren't the only ones! The Canadian, British, and Polish Air Forces also made almost 20 flights each. And guess what? The German Air Forces made more than 15 flights too!

The air forces of the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Romania, and Norway also joined in on the fun. That's half of the NATO member states! And get this - NATO itself had 7 flights to Israel. So many countries coming together!

Where Did They Take Off From?

The most popular airports and military bases these flights used were in Greece and Cyprus. They became like a home away from home for Israel, helping them out. After that, Germany and Italy were also important bases.

The British air base in Cyprus was the top choice for takeoffs, followed by Greece International Airport and Chania International Airport in Crete. Germany's Cologne Bonn International Airport and the American Ramstein Air Base were also frequently used. Italy's Pratica di Mare base, which is southwest of Rome, and a few other airports and air bases were in the mix too.

What About the Real Numbers?

Now, here's something interesting. The data we looked at only shows the flights that were tracked on the Radar Box website. But there might be even more flights that we don't know about. Some military planes use sneaky methods to avoid being seen on radar. So, the actual number of flights could be even higher!