Prominent Updates on the 54th day of the Israeli war on Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 30, 2023 3506



Prisoner Exchange and Truce Extension

On the 54th day of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, Israel and Hamas exchanged the sixth batch of detainees. This exchange was made possible through a truce agreement with the help of Qatar and Egypt. The Israeli Prison Service released 30 Palestinian prisoners, including 15 women and 15 children. In return, Hamas released 12 Israeli prisoners, including 5 children and 7 women. These efforts are part of ongoing diplomatic negotiations to extend the truce and potentially reach a comprehensive prisoner exchange deal.

Notable Developments

Here are some of the most important events that occurred on the 54th day:

Qatari and American Pressure for Truce Extension

Bloomberg reports that Qatar and the United States are putting pressure on both sides to extend the truce in Gaza.

Israeli Army Ready to Continue the Battle

An Israeli military spokesman stated that the army is prepared to continue the fight.

American Ship Shoots Down Houthi March

The Pentagon announced that an American ship successfully intercepted a Houthi march.

Occupation Storms Homes of Palestinian Prisoners' Families

Israeli forces raided the homes of families whose relatives were going to be released as part of the truce agreement.

Red Cross Transfers Russian Detainees to Egypt

The Red Cross handed over two Russian detainees, released by Hamas, to Egypt.

International Reactions

Various countries and organizations have expressed their opinions on the situation:

Turkish Foreign Minister Condemns Israeli Attacks

The Turkish Foreign Minister stated that Israel's attacks in Gaza are considered war crimes.

Jordan Criticizes Security Council's Silence

Jordan accused Israel of committing crimes and criticized the Security Council for not taking action.

Russia Believes Palestinians Are Treated Unfairly

Russia claims that the West treats Palestinians as second-class citizens.

China Warns of Catastrophe

China warns that resuming fighting in Gaza will lead to a catastrophe.

UN Secretary-General Concerned About Health Conditions

UN Secretary-General Guterres expressed his concern about the terrifying health conditions in Gaza's shelters.

Other Developments

Here are some additional updates:

Israeli Chief of Staff Approves Ground Maneuver

The Israeli Chief of Staff has approved plans to continue the ground maneuver in Gaza.

Hamas Condemns Killing of Children

Hamas denounced the execution of two children in Jenin as a horrific crime.

Israeli Official Suggests Truce Extension

An Israeli official stated that the truce may extend beyond this week if all detained women and children are released.

Occupation Arrests Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli forces have arrested 35 Palestinians in the West Bank within 24 hours.

Qatar Optimistic About Truce Extension

Qatar remains optimistic about extending the truce between Hamas and Israel.

World Health Organization Concerned About Epidemic Diseases

The World Health Organization warns that epidemic diseases threaten Gaza due to the ongoing conflict.

Israeli Attacks on Gaza Continue

Israeli vehicles continue to fire on areas in Gaza, causing further destruction.

Gaza Faces Threat of Famine

The World Food Program reports that Gaza residents are at risk of famine.

Israeli Politicians and International Reactions

Israeli politicians and international figures have shared their opinions:

Barak Calls for Netanyahu's Resignation

Barak believes that Netanyahu's government is leading Israel into an endless war and calls for his resignation.

Russia Criticizes American Policy

Russia claims that American policy has a destructive role in the Palestinian-Israeli escalation.

G7 Foreign Ministers Support Truce Extension

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries express their support for extending the truce in Gaza.

Humanitarian Concerns

The ongoing conflict has led to various humanitarian issues:

Healthcare Challenges in Gaza

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports that the occupation prevents fuel from entering hospitals, and field hospitals have not yet become operational.

Over a Million People in Shelters

According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million people are living in shelters in Gaza.

Israeli Attacks on Khan Yunis

Israeli gunboats have targeted Khan Yunis, causing further destruction and endangering the lives of its residents.

Threat of Famine and Destruction of Historical Documents

Gaza residents face the threat of famine, and the occupation has destroyed the central archive building, resulting in the loss of thousands of historical documents.

The Israeli war on Gaza continues to have devastating effects on the lives of Palestinians. Efforts are being made to extend the truce and address the humanitarian crisis. The international community plays a crucial role in finding a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

Source: Agencies